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Tucan Travel Overland Vehicles

Tucan Travel Overland Vehicles

Custom-built Mercedes Benz expedition vehicles in Africa and South America

We proudly own and operate all of our expedition vehicles in Africa and South America today. Our powerful, modern fleet of Mercedes Benz vehicles have been specifically designed and professionally engineered to deal with challenging terrain so they can take mountains, deserts and even rivers in their stride. Constructed to tough European safety standards, Tucan Travel overland trucks are custom-built by specialist vehicle builders. The bodies are also custom-designed to provide maximum safety and comfort.

Powerful engines mean that our overland trucks can travel comfortably at cruising speeds, even in the mountains. So you spend less time in the truck and more time exploring your destination. Fewer driving hours and modern, well-maintained engines also means lower carbon emissions, making our overland trucks more environmentally friendly. No matter where we are travelling – from the high Andes to the plains of Africa or the windswept expanse of Patagonia, you will be secure and relaxed in our specious vehicles.

Mechanical support for our Overland trucks

Our Tucan Travel overland drivers are required to have sound mechanical knowledge and they ensure the vehicles are kept in excellent running order during your overland tour. We carry spare parts and maintenance equipment on every vehicle and drivers are supported by dedicated operations and maintenance departments in both Africa and South America. In the unlikely event we need to send for replacement parts, standby transport is usually available.

Overland tours – why quality and experience matter

South America and Africa overland terrain offers everything including tar seal, dirt, shingle, mud and riverbeds, which is why we hire the best drivers with the experience to be able to handle such varied conditions. We are careful to select experienced, qualified drivers usually with previous overland travel experience in Africa or South America. Our drivers are comfortable behind the wheel of our powerful and versatile expedition vehicles, and are used to dealing with the unique road conditions on our overland tours. They can easily cope with any hazards and obstacles to ensure a safe, stress-free journey.

Our Family of Overland Vehicles

Expedition Vehicles in Africa

We say family, because these trucks are sort of like our babies! We take good care of them and look upon them with affection. For that reason, each overland truck is named after someone special within the company or the company's immediate family. In South America we have a truck called Jock, after owner Matt Gannan's wife (she's Scottish). In Africa, we have Ben, named for owner Pip Tyler's grandson. Peeky, Moose and Sail were named after beloved drivers.

Tour groups often name themselves after their vehicles and can become quite attached to the 'big yellow trucks' – some even devote Facebook profiles to their overland vehicle! Let us introduce... Ben, Bernie, Doris, Frank, Jack, Jock, Jumbo, Magaly, Millie, Moose, Nick, Peeky, Peggy, Rosita, Sail, Shanna, Sue, Swampy, Tom, Trevor and we have more to come!

The Tucan Travel Overland Experience

Touring Africa or South America on one of our overland expedition vehicles is one of the most exciting ways to take in the diverse landscapes of these continents. Experienced tour leaders and driving crew will guarantee that your adventure is hassle-free and brimming with one-off experiences all the way.

Climb aboard! Come inside our custom-built overland vehicles

Inside view of overland truck

Our trucks vary slightly according to the destination, year and model. You will find some of all of the following features on our overland trucks for your safety and comfort:

Cabin interior

  • Comfortable, forward-facing coach seats with safety belts and generous leg room
  • Spacious interior with large panoramic, tinted and sliding windows with curtains
  • Large overhead luggage racks
  • Stereo system with PA which the tour leader will use to keep you informed
  • Card / writing tables
  • A safe for personal documents
  • A refrigerator
  • Through-access to the driver’s compartment
  • A passenger library including guide books, novels etc for use while on board
  • Sockets, power inverters and charging systems are available for iPods, MP3 players, laptops, cameras etc (Bring your own adapters)
  • Plenty of head room for a person of average height to walk comfortably in the cabin
  • Carpeted interiors

Exterior storage and equipment

  • Large external storage compartments in the side of the vehicle
  • An external sound system for your entertainment in the evening
  • High quality camping equipment, includes tents, stools, tables, outside lights and cooking tent. (BYO sleeping bag & mat).
  • High quality cooking equipment, includes gas stoves, BBQ plates, pots and pans, dining plates and utensils
  • Long-range fuel tanks, spare parts, tools and maintenance equipment
  • 500 litre water tank and storage for bulk food supplies
  • Many vehicles feature full air suspension to smooth out the varied terrain
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"One of the best ways to do South America! Stunning sights, unbelievably knowledge tour and local guides and time well spent with lifelong friends. An experience like no other."

Received March 2014

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