Budget Expeditions

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    If you want to travel with other young, fun and like-minded people, then Budget Expeditions are the travel style for you. Our tours aim to unite you will other adventure seekers, explorers and fun-seekers from all over the world on a mission to find themselves, have as much fun as possible and broaden their horizons. You can rest assured that on a Budget Expeditions tour, you’ll be with a great bunch of people who are near the same age and on the same wavelength as you, all geared up for the experience of a lifetime.

    Budget Expeditions are all about choice and flexibility. We want you to pay as little as possible for the tour so you have more to spend when you are out there so that you can create a trip that suits your personality and budget. Budget Expeditions do not include excursions meaning you only have to budget for the optional excursions that you really want to do. You can see a full list of excursions on your detailed itinerary.