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Duration: 21 Days Route: Bangkok to Hanoi Style: Adventure Tours Price: US$1,979.00

Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

Bangkok offers an invigorating start to this tour through South East Asia. Delve into Hindu mythology and Khmer architecture at Cambodia’s dramatic Angkor Wat, and then it’s on to high octane Vietnam’s Ho Chi Minh City for markets, museums and multiple pagodas. Enjoy the hospitality of local people in the Mekong Delta before we city-hop up the beautiful South China Sea coast with time to relax in Halong Bay on the way to French colonial-styled Hanoi.

The tour that we operate in the reverse direction is Adventurous Angkor (SEDA).

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"Our guide, Sal, was amazing and the range of places we visited was well-selected. By the end of the tour, our group felt like a small family. Tucan Travel was an awesome way to see Peru on limited time."

Received March 2015

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