Animal Welfare Policy

One of our many responsible travel aims is to promote animal welfare. Whilst we appreciate that animal attractions and experiences can offer clients the opportunity to learn about and appreciate different animal species and can support conservation efforts, these excursions need to adhere to strict animal welfare standards in order to offer a positive experience for all, including the animals.

We promote the welfare of animals in several ways:

Offering wildlife encounters that directly benefit those species

Many of our tours include excursions where clients can observe or interact with wildlife, either in national parks that offer areas where the animals are protected from poaching or hunting, or at dedicated conservation centres that aim to protect and rehabilitate endangered animals for release back into the wild.

Working with suppliers that match our animal welfare standards

Tucan Travel is highly selective of local associates and approaches only those who share our commitment to the promotion of animal welfare. Working in line with ABTA's Global Welfare Guidance for Animals in Tourism, we are committed to assessing and monitoring animal welfare throughout our supply chain.

Working with suppliers to improve living standards for animals

An extremely important part of animal welfare is working with animal owners and carers throughout the destinations we travel, to encourage better standards of welfare. We recognise that our animal welfare policy can have a huge impact on both the animals and those dependent on them for an income. We therefore remain committed to providing our suppliers with guidelines for animal welfare, and discussing ways to make sure they adhere to these guidelines.

Not including rides on undomesticated animals on our tours

Tucan Travel do not include opportunities to ride on wild animals. This includes elephants, which are undomesticated, often captured from the wild and captivated using a variety of cruel methods in order to encourage them to obey their owners.