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Carbon Offset Scheme

Carbon offset scheme

Do something good for the planet

As part of our commitment to promoting responsible travel, we are offering you the chance to offset a portion of your share of the carbon emissions of your tour. Your contributions will fund important conservation projects around the world, helping to repair the damage your holiday does to the climate and to preserve and protect threatened wild places for the long term.

Our carbon offset partner is World Land Trust, a not-for-profit international conservation organisation that takes direct action to save rainforest and other biologically important lands around the world. Since it was founded in 1989, World Land Trust has helped local conservation organisations to purchase and protect over 400,000 acres (about 1619 square kilometres) of threatened habitats in Asia, Europe and Central and South America.

What is carbon offsetting?

Carbon offsetting is the process of balancing carbon emissions by making an equivalent carbon saving. The World Land Trust generates carbon offsets by restoring tropical rainforests and protecting imminently threatened forests from further destruction. Tropical rainforests act as carbon sinks, absorbing atmospheric carbon into their woody tissue as they grow and locking up that carbon in mature forests. Deforestation releases this carbon back into the atmosphere, and is the source of 20% of all man-made carbon emissions. Restoring and protecting rainforests can help to balance our harmful emissions and mitigate dangerous climate change. Visit the World Land Trust site at www.carbonbalanced.org for more information.

How to make a Carbon Offset Scheme contribution

You will see in the pricing area of the brochure and on this website that there is an optional Carbon Offset Scheme contribution to be made when you make your final payment.

If your tour is up to 27 days long, you would donate:
GBP10 | EUR15 | CHF20 | AUD20 | NZD25 | CAD20 | USD20

If your tour is 28 days or longer, you would donate:
GBP20 | EUR30 | CHF40 | AUD40 | NZD50 | CAD40 | USD40

Tucan Travel will add 10% on top of your donations. 100% off all contributions will be passed on to World Land Trust and we will absorb all processing fees associated with these donations. We will not receive any commission from these funds. You have the ability to opt out if you choose.

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What the funds are used for

World Land Trust will fund projects on your behalf through their Carbon Balanced programme, which works to mitigate climate change by restoring degraded forest and preventing deforestation in locations worldwide. These projects work hand-in-hand with land purchase and protection, in partnership with local non-government organisations to extend protected areas and encourage the participation of local communities in conservation efforts.

All projects must adhere to strict design standards which ensure that carbon offsets produced are real, attributable to a specific location, measurable, verifiable, protected and properly managed. Carbon Balanced offset calculations are based on the best available DEFRA-approved methods and a Radiative Forcing Index of 1.9 to take into account the non CO2 emissions-related effects of aviation on the environment, so you can be sure that the science behind the carbon offsetting is sound.

To learn more about the World Land Trust and understand how they offset carbon emissions please visit their site.

Consider offsetting your flights

Although Tucan Travel's carbon offset scheme only calculates emissions created on tour, we recognise that clients' emissions are singificantly increased on long-distance flights. With this in mind, we encourage clients to consider offsetting their international flights themselves.

If you would like to offset the carbon emissions from your flight, you can use the World Land Trust's Carbon Calculator to see what this would entail.

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