World Land Trust

World Land Trust

About World Land Trust (WLT)

The World Land Trust is an international conservation organisation that takes direct action to save rainforest and other biologically important lands. Since it was founded in 1989, it has helped local conservation organisations to purchase and protect over 400,000 acres of threatened habitats in Asia, Europe Central and South America.

The World Land Trust manages its Carbon Balanced programme, which works to mitigate climate change through projects that both offset carbon dioxide emissions and conserve biodiversity. These offsets are delivered through restoration ecology projects which restore degraded forest and prevent deforestation, and which work hand-in-hand with land purchase and protection, extending protected areas where land has been previously cleared.

All World Land Trust offset projects must fit definite project design standards that ensure the offsets are real and attributable to a specific location where they are measurable, verifiable, protected and properly monitored. They must also demonstrate benefits for biodiversity conservation and the provision of environmental services, locally and globally. The projects are all managed in collaboration with local, in-country conservation organisations that own and manage the land, with the participation of local communities who are often involved in creating nurseries from native seeds, tree planting, wardening and monitoring.

The World Land Trust offers a ‘value-added’ offset with the full package delivered in the standard £15/tonne offset price. This approach results in a high degree of confidence in the offset projects, assured perpetual protection of the land, local economic benefit and increased biodiversity. To make sure Carbon Balanced calculations are based on the best available science, the World Land Trust uses the most recent DEFRA-approved conversion factors and a Radiative Forcing Index multiplier of 1.9 to take into account the emissions additionalities from high altitude flights.

All client donations to the Tucan Travel Carbon Offset Scheme are topped up by 10% by Tucan Travel, with the entire amount passed to World Land Trust on a quarterly basis for the benefit of its Carbon Balanced programme.

How you can help the World Land Trust

As well as opting to join Tucan Travel's carbon offset scheme, one significant way you can assist the important projects the World Land Trust is undertaking is by offsetting the carbon emissions of long-distance flights. Use their Carbon Calculators to learn how.

For many more ideas in how to help protect the planet, which include the World Land Trust's Official Green Gift Guide and appeals for current projects, visit the World Land Trust website today.

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