Safety Updates

At Tucan Travel your safety is our paramount concern. If you have any particular safety concerns about your tour, cruise or travel option, please refer to our FAQs, or contact us.


Flooding in Nepal

15th August 2017

As a result of heavy rains in northern India and western Nepal, roads in the area have suffered severe damage. A landslide has blocked the main road connecting west Nepal with the east and with lots of vehicles being stuck on both sides, we are currently unable to operate group tours as advertised in the Chitwan region. Contingency measures are being put in place and all clients and staff are safe in either Kathmandu or Lumbini. If you are concerned about a family member or worried about how this will affect your trip, please get in touch with an Adventure Specialist. If your tour is already underway, your tour leader will have the most up to date information.

Flooding in Peru

20th March 2017

Due to heavy and continuous rain in the Andes, the coastal regions of Peru is currently experiencing severe flooding, particularly in northern Peru between Tumbes to Trujillo. The region around Arequipa has also experienced heavy rainfall and some roads have been damaged. In Lima and the surrounding area, water rationing is in place but the city is operating as normal. We are monitoring the situation very closely from our offices in Lima and Cuzco and measures are in place should we need to update itineraries. The health and safety of our customers is of the upmost important and until now, no clients have been affected by the rainfall and flooding. If you are concerned about your upcoming trip or want to get in touch with a client already on tour, please email


Travel Safety Advice Websites - for citizens of New Zealand - for citizens of Australia - for citizens of the United Kingdom - for citizens of the United States of America - for citizens of Canada

Detailed information about what you can do to keep yourself, and your travelling companions safe on tour is included in our individual country dossiers, and regional pre departure information pages.

General Safety Advice

  • One of the benefits of travelling with a group is the increased level of safety. However, any travel has risks attached so it is important to be prepared to ensure a safe and problem-free trip.
  • Do your research about your destination - get a guide book, go online, read our country dossiers and pre departure information. Your country's foreign affairs ministry should also have a website dedicated to keeping travellers safe overseas - this can be a very good source of information, tips and advice.
  • Sign up for email or SMS travel alerts for destinations you'll be travelling for.
  • Get travel insurance - if you can't afford insurance, you can't afford to travel. Obtaining comprehensive travel insurance is a mandatory requirement if travelling with Tucan Travel. Visit our travel insurance page for information about how much cover you need and where you can buy travel insurance. Check your policy carefully and make sure it covers you for all the activities you want to do on your tour.
  • Make sure you budget enough for fun and a buffer for emergencies. Bear in mind you may need a contingency fund for things not covered by your travel insurance.
  • Make copies of all your travel documents (passport, vouchers, itineraries, insurance) and leave it at home with someone you trust in case of emergency. Scan the documents and keep electronic copies in a web based email account like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc.
  • You may like to register your journey with your local government travel advisory service so they can contact you in case of emergency. This is usually fairly straightforward to do online.
  • Take a copy of the emergency contact details for Tucan Travel, for your joining hotel, local embassies and consulates.
  • Take care of your health needs in advance of travel - consider prescriptions, vaccinations, dental care, medical certificates, mosquito repellent, glasses/contact lenses and any other ongoing issues you may need to deal with as you travel.
  • Avoid all demonstrations and protests given their potential to turn violent.
  • Pay close attention to your personal security and monitor the media for information about any possible new safety or security risks. Your adventure travel tour leader will always be there to provide advice about your personal safety.
  • If you are ever in doubt, always ask for further information from our crew as they have a wealth of local knowledge at their disposal - take advantage!
  • Carry a copy of your passport with you wherever you go and keep your passport in a safe place, such as a hotel safe at reception.
  • We advise you to exercise a reasonable degree of caution when you travel, in the same way you would anywhere else in the world. You should be aware that all nations have both petty crime and sometimes more serious crime, but you should not be paranoid.
  • Remember to be very careful with your personal belongings (ie: passport, tickets, excess money, iPods etc), and only take them out with you if it is necessary - otherwise you can leave them in the hotel safe deposit box.
  • If you are venturing out alone, let someone at your hotel know where you'll be going and when you can be expected to return.

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