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Travel blogs are the perfect way to get an insight into life on tour. The blogs listed below have been written by Tucan Travel clients and a few staff as well.


Read Sunil's Eastern Europe blog - Tucan Travel client Sunil has travelled with us in Central America and was so inspired by his tour that his next destination was Eastern Europe. Follow his exploits from Moscow to Istanbul via ex Soviet states which have recently emerged from behind the 'Iron Curtain'.
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Read all about Laura's adventures here - Laura is out to discover more of the world and currently on the road from Moscow to Istanbul on the Eastern Europe Discovery. You can follow her adventures and discoveries as she travels through such a vast scope of languages, cultures and histories in such a relatively small area.
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Asia & Russia

Read all about Naomi's adventures - 10p beers and boat rides... water puppet shows and temples... cao lau noodles and shrimp-filled dumplings... cocktails and card games... war museums and delta homestays... Naomi Davies has had some pretty amazing experiences during her Best of South East Asia 5 tour with Tucan Travel in October 2009. 
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Read all about Kevin's adventures in Rwanda here - Have you ever heard of the human travel gauge? That’s when you tell someone you’re close to like your mom, grandmother, best friend etc. about your next off the wall adventure. The more shock they register, often the better and more authentic experience you will have. Kevin Smith's human travel gauge is his mom and telling her that he was going to see the mountain gorillas in Rwanda got a good 8.5/10 in response. It was great news, a sign that he was in for a treat...

Read all about Sunil's East African adventure - The globe-trotting wonder that is Sunil has just finished his latest adventure. This time he is in East Africa where he has taken in some of the best game parks in Africa, got up close and personal with mighty silver back gorillas in Rwanda and whiled away afternoons in the seductive charms of Zanzibar island. As always he has faithfully chronicled his adventures for your pleasure and envy here.

Read all about Pete's adventures in his blog - If you've ever wondered what an Africa overland safari in a Big Yellow Truck would be like, this blog is the one to read. Pete Docherty joined a Budget Expeditions tour from Cape Town to Nairobi and went bush walking with a local bushman, climbed the infamous Dune 45, took scenic flights and went quad biking, cuddled cheetahs and went skydiving, and scoured the savannah and had his thumb sucked by a giraffe!

Central America

Read about Khan Porter's Mayan Circle tour - Khan Porter's beautiful photography of the region highlights the simplicity and calm that the region has to offer. He travelled with Tucan Travel in February 2012.

Read about Jeremy's Central America adventure - A great blog about Jeremy's adventure spanning 35 days from Mexico to Costa Rica, via Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, on the Yucatan to Costa Rica 2 tour, taking in Chichen Itza, Palenque, San Cristobal, Chici markets, Copan, Roatan Island, Ometepe Island, Monteverde Cloud Forest and Manuel Antonio National Park, among many other beautiful sights in Central America.

Read about Cecily's adventures in Central America - Cecily travelled on Tucan's Mayan Circle Adventure Tour through Central America. Climbing volcanoes, wandering through ancient Mayan ruins, relaxing on beautiful Caribbean beaches, and meeting locals in unusual and colourful villages were just some of the things she got up to on this diverse and extremely popular adventure travel tour.

Read all about Sunnil's adventures in his blog - Sunil’s blog is packed full of fun, including visits to the Pyramid of the Sun and Moon, a chocolate making demonstration and he even tried a fried grasshopper in Oaxaca! He’s visited the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Monte Alban, the ruins of the main city of the ancient Zapotec civilisation, stayed in eco-lodges, travelled on public transport, gone canoeing, enjoyed the Mayan ruins of Palenque and Chitzen Itza, and even had barbeques and beers by the river. What a life!

Read about Julia's adventure in Mexico - Julia traded the sun and surf of Queensland for life in ol' Blighty but not before an adventure into the heart of Mexico on Tucan Travel's Mexicana tour. From the beautiful beaches of Cancun to the hustle and bustle of Mexico City, Julia discovered that Mexico isn't all about coronas and sombreros (but they certainly feature a lot!).

South America

Read about the Grummitts' adventure here - Catch up with the Grummitts as they get to grips with Lake Titicaca as they tour with Tucan Travel through Peru, blogging and taking lots of great photos along the way.

Sunil's Machu Picchu adventure - Ceaseless traveller and reliable blogger, Sunil has conquered the Inca Trail and seen for himself the wondrous and mystical ruins of Machu Picchu, which he has brilliantly recreated.

Read about Cathy's adventures in Peru - Cathy joined our 21 day Condor Discovery Tour as part of her massive 7 week holiday. She'll be discovering Inca ruins, shopping her heart out at colourful markets, exploring the vast Andes and generally indulging in everything Peruvian. Read about her impressions and experiences as she travels on one of Tucan Travel's most popular tours!

Follow Kylie's adventures on her blog - Aussie 'stealth traveller' Kylie Steinert is off on an amazing adventure. As part of her round the world trip, she and friend Alanna are joining the Pacific to Atlantic 2 tour from Rio de Janeiro to Quito, which includes some amazing places like Iguazu Falls, La Paz, Lima and, of course, the Inca Trail and Macchu Picchu.

Read about Ruaidhri & Stephanie's adventures here - Ruaidhri & Stephanie are off on an amazing adventure - the Pacific to Atlantic tour around South America on Bernie, one of Tucan Travel's beloved expedition vehicles. Follow their adventure as they follow one of our most famous routes from Rio de Janeiro

Read all about Damon and Kaela's experience of Peru - This is an excellent blog by an intrepid couple of Tucan Travellers, writing with tongue firmly in cheek about their Adventure Tour of Peru which started Boxing Day in 2009. Loads of photos to see here, including public art and architecture in Lima, views of Miraflores, the wildlife of Ballestas Islands, the Huacachina Oasis and sandboarding exploits, overhead views of the Nazca lines, the pretty colonial city of Arequipa, the Colca Canyon and thermal baths along the way.

Read all about Amy and Sam's adventures here - During a round-the-world gap year trip, Amy Samson and her boyfriend Steve joined our Pacific to Atlantic 1 tour in Rio de Janeiro in June 2009 and spent 48 nights / 49 days travelling via through Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, Bolivia and Peru on their way to Lima. They met crazy artists in the favelas of Rio, camped near secluded beaches, picked up some Portuguese of their tour leader and driver, ate like greedy kings and learned to made their own caipirinhas... and that was just in the first three days!

Read about her adventure in her bilingual (English and French) blog -Independently minded globe trotter Kiki took the 35 day Conquistador Adventure Tour between Lima and Santiago in January 2009 and absolutely loved it.
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Read about Mark and Becs' adventures in Patagonia - In 2008, Mark and Becs travelled on one of Tucan Travel's big yellow trucks through Chile and Argentina, into the Patagonia region of South America. Crystal clear rivers, towering mountains, and dogs with brandy barrels under their chins... it sounds like a scene from the Swiss Alps, but this was Argentina! Then they headed south into Chilean Patagonia for some hiking in Los Glaciers National Parque and on to Torres del Paine to see some condors soaring on the currents.

Read about Tim & Leanne's adventures in Patagonia - After their Antarctica voyage, Tim & Leanne Roach joined our Penguino tour and then extended their trip to our Moreno tour. Discover an insight into Patagonia and Ushuaia if you've always wanted to travel to this beautiful, remote region.

Read about Leonie's adventures in Peru - After getting her shoe-shopping fix out of the way in Buenos Aires, Leonie embarked on a 3 week Tapir Discovery Tour in Peru. Travelling by a private Tucan vehicle, Leonie ventured deep into the lush Amazon Jungle, went sandboarding in the arid desert and discovered ancient Inca ruins in the high Andean mountains

Read about Louisa's South American adventure - Louisa travelled from Peru to Rio on board Tucan's Altiplano Overland Expedition. From hiking the Inca Trail, to uncovering the ancient mysteries entrenches in the Nazca Lines, crossing the Chaco in Argentina and losing herself beneath the breathtaking Iguazu Falls, Louisa's non-stop travel adventure is action-packed.
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Middle East

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