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Tucan Travel Expedition Vehicles
Are you planning a journey on one of Tucan Travel’s mighty overland expedition vehicles? Discover why our big yellow trucks are the best in the business.

Tucan Travel’s Overland Fleet
We are proud to boast the best expedition vehicles in Patagonia and East and Southern Africa, today. We own a modern fleet of powerful Mercedes Benz Actros trucks, custom built and designed based on many years of overlanding experience in the varied terrain in South America and Africa. Our expedition vehicles have been built in the UK and South Africa by specialist vehicle builders, and provide maximum safety, comfort and accessibility. Specifically engineered for their job, they are the best way to take on the varied terrain in South America and Africa, from the vast mountain ranges to marshlands, deserts and open road cruising.

Why Quality & Experience Matter
The landscapes you will cross on our tours will be made up of everything from dirt to mud and sometimes whole rivers. Some days there will be rain, wind and roads in poor shape. It is therefore very important that, in addition to providing robust, strong and versatile vehicles, we have a team that is able to handle these conditions behind the wheel. We employ drivers who have more experience than simply driving trucks up and down a highway – we take care to ensure they have experience driving in similar regions we travel to. Local driving conditions in these countries are very different and having a driver who can adapt to these, plus all the other hazards and obstacles on the road such as motorists, cyclists and wildlife, will result in a safe, stress-free overland expedition.

On Board
On our trucks, you’ll find tinted sliding windows, large overhead luggage racks, carpeted interiors, comfortable forward-facing reclining coach seats (except in Africa, where seats do not recline), writing tables and 2 refrigerators. There is through-access to the driver’s compartment keeping you fully in-touch with your crew. Large storage compartments and long-range fuel tanks, water and oxygen supplies, spare parts and all the expedition and camping equipment carried are located in external lockers. You also have the added security of storing your personal baggage and other belongings within the vehicle.

Special Features
In addition to the home comforts we provide, we have included some extra features to make those long driving days as relaxing as possible. For comfort while driving, we have fitted heating, full air suspension to smooth out the varied terrain you’ll be travelling on, and a passenger library to keep you entertained. We have also installed inputs, power inverters and charging systems for your ipods, mp3 players, laptops, cameras etc. To enhance your camping experience, our trucks have an outside sound system and outside lights, as well as BBQ plates and a spit roast system for cooking.

Mechanical Support
All of our expedition drivers possess extensive mechanical knowledge and will keep the vehicle in excellent running order to avoid any major mishaps. Our trucks carry spares and maintenance equipment on board, and we have full support of Operations and Maintenance Departments in South America to guarantee smooth travel. We often have vehicles on stand by to ensure that replacement parts or vehicles can be dispatched immediately if necessary.

The Tucan Travel Overland Experience
Experiencing South America on one of our overland expedition vehicles is the most exciting way to take in all of the diverse cultures and landscapes in the continent. Our expedition vehicles, complimented by our experienced overland crew and maintenance team, will guarantee that your adventure of a lifetime is hassle-free and adventurous all the way.


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