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Born near Darjeeling and now living in Nepal with his family, Rupan has proved to be a great tour leader for Tucan Travel for a number of years. His local knowledge coupled with his love for leading tours and trekking have made him a very popular tour guide. Here we ask him about his experience on the road.

Why did you decide to become a tour leader?

As I had been working in the trekking field for about 22 years and I needed a change and I got to know about Tucan from a friend and I decided to join them.

What should Tucan travellers expect on the road with you as their tour leader?

They can expect a very wonderful time and experience when they are on the road with me.

Do you have a highlight of your time on the road or one particular memory that stands out from others?

We were in a village called Marpha, and a client had a birthday.Instead of a birthday cake we asked the lodge owners to make an apple-pie for her as her birthday cake and the client and everyone else loved the idea, as Marpha is very famous in Nepal for it’s apples.

Adventure Tours: Where is the best place to experience a delicious hearty local meal?

At the lodges on the trek. When people order their food we recommend them to try the ethnic food of the local people.

Do you have a favourite place or destination on the road?

Kagbeni , a small mountain village in Mustang district of Nepal, inhabited by Tibetan origin people which is the first night on the trek. It is a beautiful village.

Do you have any useful hints and tips for someone about to begin their adventure of a lifetime?

It is a holiday as well as an experience gaining tour which only increases your knowledge of people of different countries and their way of life and their culture.

Where is the best place for a party?

In Nepal,I would say Pokhara,where there are lots of good restaurants by the lake and the people are really friendly.


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