Antelope Birthing Season – the wonders and variety of wildlife in Africa

In the Africa wildlife calendar, there are few among us that have not heard about the Great Migration – a mythical, magical time when the herds are on the move and those travellers lucky enough to bear witness are treated to dramatic displays of thousands of grazing mammals on the move.

Less well-published are the other golden highlights of the Africa wildlife calendar. In practically every season, nature gifts us with a different scene. Unlike visiting monuments, castles or ruins, when viewing wildlife every visitor will have a different experience to travellers that came before them and their experience will never be duplicated for those that visit next.

One such highlight is the antelope birthing in Etosha National Park at the tail end of the wet season between March and May. Springbok lambs prance and Impala calves are protected in herd nurseries. At this time, Etosha is vibrant with greens plains, blue pools, and yellow flowers after the turbulent wet season. It is also the time of year when many predators give birth, so young antelope have to be careful not to become a succulent meal for their new young neighbours!

Africa wildlife
Antelopes in the savannah

Likewise in Chobe National Park, Botswana a similar performance is underway. The green season from November to March is when many of the young are born and visitors can be charmed by baby zebra, elephants, antelope and warthogs. At the same time, around March and April the herds of wandering zebra and wildebeest pass through the Savuti Marsh within Chobe National Park on their annual migration northwards towards the Chobe and Linyanti Rivers in time for the beginning of the dry season.

In Kruger National Park, South Africa March/April is the end of the summer season, and with the last of the summer rains the landscape is lush, green and great for photography.

Regardless of your travel dates, Africa offers up a smorgasbord of experiences and landscapes in different areas at different times of year. Understanding the seasons and movements of the wildlife can seem hopelessly complicated and difficult to get a handle on, but at least it’s comforting to know that whenever you travel, you’re guaranteed a view like no one has seen before you, and none will see again.

At this time of year it is possible to travel by overland vehicle to the regions mentioned above. If you would like to know more, please see our Africa Overland Tours page for details.

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