Laughing Yoga in Hanoi

If you are an early riser and wish to take part in one of the most unusual group activities I have ever seen in my life then I strongly recommend going to Hoan Kiem Lake around 6:30am.  If you go to the square by the lake you can join in with the locals doing their early morning Thi Chi, aerobics, line dancing, ballroom dancing or… my favourite… ‘Laughing Yoga’.

Every morning, under the large statue of Le Thi To, there is a man who stands with about thirty or so followers laughing and pulling faces at each other. I’m not sure if this guy is an expert in stress relieving activities or if he is just the village idiot who has gained some sort of a cult following, but whoever he is, it’s extremely enjoyable to join in with the laughter and is a great way to put yourself in a good mood for the day ahead.

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