Tanya’s Highlight. The Okavango Delta

Okavango Delta

The Okavango Delta in Botswana is one of my most favourite places that we visit in Southern Africa.  The day before we depart we are all packing and re-packing to condense our luggage, kitchen and food down to a manageable amount, so it is a bit hectic.  However once we depart camp, the real fun begins.

The locals waving and smiling as we drive through villages is so welcoming, and once we arrive at the Mokoro Station our polers set us up nice and comfortably in the mokoros for a relaxing ride through the deltas peaceful watereways.  And the experience is much more relaxing than any massage could claim to be.  The soft reeds brushing over me, and the swish of the water, leaves me feeling relaxed and ready to set up our bush camp.

Okavango Delta campsite

I love the fact that we have no rooms, no toilets, no bar and no electricity, we are able to enjoy untouched nature, and for some the struggle to keep themselves entertained is harder than not having anywhere to shower!

At night when we settle around the fire and share stories and marshmallows, I like to keep an ear out for the sounds of the wild, we have been lucky enough to hear frogs, birds, hippos, elephants  and even lions, which, in my opinion, makes a great night in the bush.

For me, the closer the wild animals, the better.

All of Tucan Travel’s Group Tours through Botswana include an overnight stay in the Okavango Delta on a remote island. To get to the island, the group ride mokoros through the reeds. They have the opportunity to swim in a safe part of the delta, free of hippos and crocs and spend the night listening to the sounds of the wildlife. Does this sound like magic? Click here to browse tours.

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