Visiting the Pygmy Village

Whilst on the lovely Lake Bunyonyi we have an opportunity to visit the Pygmy village on the other side of the lake.  The pygmy village is something that we have been involved with since I started working with Tucan in Africa, and it has been exciting to see the progress.

The pygmy’s traditionally live in the forest, feeding on berries and fruits, and even Gorilla meat.  However in recent times the government has sought to protect the gorillas, and therefore the pygmy’s were displaced without anywhere to go.

Francis, our local guide, is heavily involved in the community project that is supporting the pygmys, and he takes us out for the day to see the village and the new school.

The new school was built in January 2012 with the aim to help integrate the pygmy children with children from other tribes, to therefore give them the confidence they need as young adults to one day support themselves.

Since we have been visiting the pygmys I have seen so much progress within the village and the school, and it is heart-warming to see the children singing and dancing.  I think it is amazing how African children have so little, but are so happy.

I enjoy visiting the village and seeing how projects are progressing, and I think the pygmy children are some of the best dancers I have ever seen!

A visit to the pygmy village is included on all of Tucan Travel’s tours to Uganda. To browse, click here.


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