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If there was ever a land that embraces its seasons, it’s Japan. Speak of spring and you’re instantly transported to the candy floss canopies of the blossom festivals. Winter offers evocative views of snow-dusted pagodas on mirror lakes and monkeys in hot springs with icicle-crusted fur; autumn, the brilliant red and orange hues of elegant Japanese gardens and summer the lush emerald countryside. Month by month there is an abundance of natural beauty and a sense of harmony with the people that live alongside it.

The coming months of October and November are some of the best months to visit Japan, with the weather relatively dry and mild and the colours of autumn providing a spectacular display. Below you can see a month by month guide to travel in Japan and the highlights each month offers.

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October & November

This is considered one of the best times of year to visit with mild and stable weather and stunning autumn colours. There are also fewer tourists around.

December, January & February

Still relatively good weather-wise, with sunny and dry weather conditions expected. The ski season starts in December and thanks to weather patterns from Siberia, Japan gets reliable and deep snow – powder heaven without the crowds! There is an increase of travellers over the Japanese New Year, so advance planning is essential over these dates.

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March & April

The stunning cheery blossom season starts in late-March and, after November, this is commonly agreed to be the other best time of year to visit Japan. The weather is mild and the scenery stunning. There is very little more iconic than a cherry blossom blooming in front of a snow capped Mt Fuji.

May, June & July

May has Golden Week, a week of national holidays, when travel can be difficult. Otherwise it is considered a fabulous month to visit, as the weather warms and the countryside grows lusher. June and July can be rainy and overcast, but it does not rain all the time and in July and August Mt Fuji is officially open for climbing.

August & September

Mt Fuji is officially open for climbing in August and there are many festivals with lanterns, dancers and floats in this month. September is typhoon season, but wet weather is often followed by settled spells so it is still possible to visit during this month.

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