Overnight Camel ride in Jaisalmer

There is a lot more to India than just the typical Golden Triangle route, which of course is an epic tour on its own.  If you choose a tour that explores the Rajasthan area, then you will notice many visit Jaisalmer, and there is no denial why.  It is a very beautiful and historic city painted in yellow sandstone, headlined by its very impressive “Golden Fort” which also doubles as the world’s only inhabited medieval fort.  You can get some spectacular city shots from the top, and if you’re lucky, buy all your souvenirs and have some of the best Indian food you’ll ever have.

Walking around this stunning city is amazing, going into the markets and shops is also a must, but another major reason to travel this far west (55 km from the Pakistani border) into the heart of the Thar Desert, is to ride a camel into the sunset followed by a night under the stars.

After a great lunch in Jaisalmer, we jumped on our Safari vehicle (4×4 jeep) and drove the 45 minutes to meet the camels.  Mine was named Bokie and once aboard, we started riding through the desert on this picture-perfect day in Rajasthan, a.k.a. “the land of kings”.

Group on Camel Safari

It was a hot day in December, so if you are preparing for your camel ride bring some water, sunglasses, and buy a couple of scarves to cover your face and head, in case you have great hair and don’t want to ruin it with a hat.

After 90 minutes of camel riding, we arrived at our destination, which coincidentally is in the middle of nowhere.  We climbed up some dunes and took in the stunning sunset, thus completing the perfect day in the desert.  We were treated to some delicious pakhora snacks and a great thali meal under the stars?  It really was an amazing night, to sit on the sand, after a nice meal and chat about life and what India is all about with our guide.

Camels riding through the desert

When it was bedtime, we all had a tent where we slept the night.  And since this was December, I definitely suggest layers to wrap up warm because it can get a little windy.  Many people ask about the toilets on the camel safari.  Well this is the great outdoors and when nature calls, go wild.

After a nice sleep, I got up early for a sensantional sunrise and a delicious simple breakfast which hit the spot, before we set off for our return to Jaisalmer.

Tents on Camel Safari

I was amazed with India and loved the fact that other than cultural shows, temples, forts and shopping and sightseeing, there was this option in the area which not too many countries can offer.  Tucan Travel includes this excursion on their tours in India.


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