About the Caxirola

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What is the Caxirola?

An instrument decorated in the colours of Brazil’s national flag, the caxirola is destined to be the sound of the summer and become as well known as the dreaded vuvuzela. The caxirola is the official musical instrument for the 2014 World Cup and designed by Carlinhos Brown and the Ministry of Sports.

A round instrument with slots to place your fingers for the best grip, the caxirola is easy to use.

Where did it come from?

Critics of the caxirola have argued that the instrument is an adaptation of the caxixi, an instrument native to traditional tribes, cultures which are fast becoming extinct due to the growth of westernisation.

What does the Caxirola sound like?

A little like a rattle, the sound is similar to a maraca. When comparing the caxirola to South Africa’s vuvuzela, you would have to play over 2,000 of the maraca like instruments to create the same deafening dim.

Where can I buy a Caxirola?

If you are not heading to Brazil for the World Cup, you can order your own Caxirola in your country’s colours off of Amazon. However, if you want to wait till you visit Brazil, we are sure that the Caxirola will still be available in tourist shops and stores for a while to come. We even expect a slight revival in time for the Olympics.

While the caxirola is banned from being taken in to all stadiums, the soft sounds of the instrument will echo around the Amazon Basin, bounce off the mountains around Rio de Janeiro and reflect off the walls of Sao Paolo’s sky scrapers.


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