World Land Trust raises £1million for orangutans

The World Land Trust is an international conservation organisation that takes direct action to save rainforest and other biologically important lands. Since it was founded in 1989, it has helped local conservation organisations to purchase and protect over 400,000 acres of threatened habitats in Asia, Europe Central and South America.

Tucan Travel has been working to raise money for the World Land Trust since 2009 by adding a further 10% of all money raised in their Carbon Offset Scheme to go towards the World Land Trust. Since Tucan Travel began running their Carbon Offset Scheme with the World Land Trust, they have managed to save parts of the Ecuadorian Rainforest and stop the illegal logging and destruction of ecosystems.

The Borneo Rainforest Appeal was launched by the World Land Trust less than a year ago. The money raised will go towards cause which is attracting significant concern and action at the moment. The Kinabatangan is under serious threat from companies looking to expand the lucrative Palm Oil business and these companies have no qualms logging the rainforest and destroying the delicate ecosystem. The region is one of the last strongholds of iconic animals like the orangutan, pygmy elephant and proboscis monkeys.

John Burtan, World Land Trust CEO commented: “Meeting the million pound target for the Borneo Rainforest Appeal is a landmark in the Trust’s 25 year history. The scale of our achievement in Borneo renews my confidence in the Trust’s ongoing ability to raise the funds that are so desperately needed to stem the tide of habitat destruction worldwide.”

World Land Trust’s efforts in the region is not over and they continue to fundraise to buy land of strategic importance in Sabah.


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