11 Hilariously Practical Christmas Gifts for Travellers

Christmas shopping for a passionate traveller who’s already got all the guidebooks, scratch-maps and travel accessories they could ever need? There’ll be something for everyone in this alternative list of travel-inspired gifts. You heard it here first!

1. The Nubrella

Any intrepid explorer has experienced the misery of plodding through torrential rain with squelching boots and near-0 visibility. Now, with the ingenious Nubrella wearable umbrella, your head and shoulders can stay snug and dry no matter what the weather. This bizarre yet highly practical space-age device also keeps your hands free, so you could even Instagram the dramatic skies on the go. And with a new version soon to be released with wireless Bluetooth technology, you can even listen to music or Skype your family as you trudge through the rain! The future of weather-proof travel has arrived folks! Available here.


2. The Ostrich Pillow

Nap anywhere with the Ostrich Pillow, whether it be against a bus window, against a tree or on a kind stranger’s lap. With a soft-cloth lining and holes to put your arms through, this is the perfect present for the pro power napper. And with your eyes and ears covered, you’ll be unaware of the insults and strange looks cast in your direction! Perfect. Available here.


3. Travel Pillow/Bear

This is the perfect 2-in-1 present for the intrepid child traveller or an adventurous grown-up that just wants some company on those long overnight journeys. Turn this neck pillow inside out and you have a cuddly travel companion!  Escaping the lonely travel blues and getting a good night’s sleep at the same time? What could be better! Available here.


4. Miss Army Knife

Perfect for the image-conscious traveller, this quirky adaptation of the original means you can maintain that Hollywood glamour even in the depths of the Amazon Jungle! Incorporating a needle and thread, a mirror, a nail file and even a mini perfume bottle – now there’s no excuse not to look your best no matter how far away the nearest bathroom is! Available here.


5. Beer Holster

Cutting some shapes in a Bangkok nightclub? Gesticulating wildly to try to communicate your need for a hostel bed when you know none of the local language? Taking photos whilst carrying a ¼ of your own body weight on your back? Now you can do all those and never be more than an arm’s reach from your beer. This real leather holster hooks over your belt and can hold bottles or cans – so if the stresses of travelling become too much, that much needed brew will never be too far away! Available here.


6. Reef Stash Sandals

Do you get anxious every time you go for a dip in the sea thinking about the valuables you’ve creatively hidden in an empty crisp packet or buried under your beach towel? Worry no more! Reef’s ingenious Stash Sandals contain a secret tray in the soles, which slide out to hold personal items like keys and cash. Just hope no one recognises them! Available here.


7. The Portable Bidet

This ‘bidet in a bottle’ by Giraf is small and lightweight, with a strong water flow and an adjustable neck for all those ‘hard-to-reach places’. With this ‘superior alternative to wiping’ – the manufacturers’ words, not ours – you’ll be clean as a whistle! Buy it here.


8. Ring Of Fire After Curry Wipes

If you’re not into that ‘European style’ of bathroom cleanliness, perhaps you’ll want to try the Ring Of Fire After Curry Wipes, containing 40 ‘soothing and moisturising’ wet wipes. Now you can go for that extra spicy Vindaloo with added piece of mind! Available here.


9. Big Pocket Travel Jacket

Tired of having to leave behind those much-needed outfits due to pesky budget airline baggage restrictions? No more! Now you can say ‘yes’ to that fourth pair of impractical shoes with the Rufus Roo Big Pocket Travel Jacket. An apron-shaped layer that goes over your clothes, it has 8 large pockets that can fit books, laptops, shirts, shoes, handbags, you name it! You may look like a school dinner lady as your board the plane but who cares? You’ve managed to take an extra 5kg of outfit changes on holiday without having to pay a fine! Who’s laughing now? We’ll let you decide. Available here.



10. VinniBag Inflatable Travel Blog

Bought some delicious Malbecs in Mendoza and heading through the Andes on a public bus on which the suspension hasn’t been functional since the 80s? You need the VinniBag Inflatable Travel Bag, a reusable plastic bag that can be inflated to suspend your valuable bottles in an air cushion. Available here.



11. Sandal Socks

Not really practical but hilarious nonetheless, this is the ideal present if you know a middle-aged Brit who loves to rock the dreaded socks-with-sandals look on mainland Europe. Conjuring up memories of their ‘glowing tan’ (read: terrible sunburn), al-fresco fry-ups and karaoke conquests even in the depths of winter, this present will go down a treat. Available here.


About the Author: Marcus Hunt is Marketing Assistant at Tucan Travel. He has travelled independently throughout Europe and the Americas, and has studied or worked in France, Italy and Brazil. You can find him on Google+ or read his other contributions here.

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