Oops I did it again…. Some common traveller mistakes I made so you don’t have to.

Not packing enough clothes

Picture this. You have just touched down in Bolivia wearing your finest outfit and no one told you about the altitude. Packing for travelling is a fine art- the first problem is fitting it all in the backpack! Make sure all weather conditions are spoken for – especially if you’re going somewhere like that is prone to weather changes at the drop of a hat

Packing too many clothes

On the other side of the coin is this dilemma. You’re stuck in the middle of Bangkok’s Chatachuk market with 3 new pairs of elephant trousers that are just simply IDEAL- but unfortunately you have the common backpacker problem: Not enough room. During my 3 month trip of South East Asia I ended up throwing away most of my home brought clothes to make room for my new Asian necessities. Most things you can buy out there- just make sure you have covered the essentials so you don’t have to deal with problem number one.

Paying far too much for a taxi

We have all done it. You are faced with new currency that ends in more zeros than you can shake a stick at and have to get your first taxi/ tuk tuk journey. You pay what you think is a reasonable rate then a few nights later you and your hostel buddies are comparing prices and Dave who went travelling in 1994 and is still here now, informs you that you have actually paid the equivalent of a hotel room for a 10 minute journey. Thanks Dave.

thailand tuk tuk
Not turning off your phone data

Don’t do this. Make sure if nothing else that you remember to turn off those roaming minutes at the airport before you board the flight to your new adventure. Unless you want a hefty phone bill save the selfie uploads for when you next touch down in wifi.

galapagos seal
Not applying sun cream/ mosquito spray

This is especially one for all us Brits. It is easy, especially if you are travelling for long periods of time to get lax on the sun cream. The trouble is the next thing you know you’re 50 shades of red, and getting mistaken for the local lobster dish. The same rule applies to mosquito spray. Unless you fancy being bitten by millions of these critters whilst trekking through the Amazon, this should become you’re new Chanel No. 5. Apparently vodka tonics deter them too but that one is up for debate.

Vietnam river
Eating/drinking/kissing something you probably shouldn’t

At some point on your travels you will probably get ill. A mixture of not being acclimatised to the local specialities, too many pisco sours, or overdoing it at Rio Carnival will all be culprits in having to kick back and rest. After a particularly heavy night on the local Chang I distinctly remember eating a fried scorpion and curling up in the sand on the beaches of Thailand. Remember – have fun but don’t upset the locals . If you think you might be bordering the “what did I do last night?” chapter take a step back and put the alcohol bucket down. And maybe avoid the hangover cures at the Witches Market in La Paz.

pisco sour

Worrying too much!

Your travel adventures are a once in a lifetime opportunity. Leave your worries and woes at the airport. You will meet friends for life, visit extraordinary places and create some of the best memories you will have- enjoy every minute of it. Read our ‘before you go’ section to alleviate concerns, and keep a blog whilst you’re away. It’s a great way to stay in contact with home as well as making everyone else jealous.


About the Author: Rosanna  is on the Marketing team at Tucan Travel. She has travelled independently and on group tours through South East Asia, and Europe. You can find her on Twitter here

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