Interview with the faces of our trucks – Sail!

Sail the truck

We have been catching up with some familiar faces that are also the faces of our awesome overland trucks in Africa and South America. Sail who used to work with us gave us an interview on all things travel!

1 )  Can you tell us a bit about your time at Tucan Travel? When did you start, what was your first job role, what made you get into travel?

I was already working for Matt Gannan when his trucks were part of Kumuka. Matt then bought into Tucan Travel and my blue Kumuka truck named Jock was painted yellow and became a Tucan Truck. This was in 1998. I continued to drive tours for Matt and Tucan Travel until 2008. Altogether I spent 19 years driving tourists around Africa and South America.

2 ) What were the first countries you travelled to with Tucan Travel?

The first countries I travelled to with Tucan Travel were Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.

3 ) Can you tell us some of your favourite experiences had whilst working at Tucan?  Anecdotes from the adventures you had?

I loved enjoying meeting people and really exploring the continent. One of my highlights was meeting my wife on a tour, we also travelled through Central America on a Tucan Travel trip and then worked together in South America. I particularly enjoyed Patagonia and made some great friends there.

4 ) It may be hard to pick, but what’s your favourite destination and why

My favourite destination is Rio at Carnival time, the city comes alive with colour, music and samba!

5 ) Any tips for people wanting to travel but don’t know where to start?

Double the size of your wallet and half the amount of things you pack

6 ) Have you met your truck?

No I haven’t maybe Matt will get us a flight to Africa so Sue and I can meet our trucks!

7 ) How do you feel travel has  changed (if at all) ?

Everyone seems to prefer luxury these days rather than basic backpacking and getting as much for your $ as possible.

8 ) If you could live with any local community around the world, which would you choose?

I would like to live in Argentina, good weather, good scenery, good people, and good food, ice cream and wine.

9 ) What are the tastiest and grossest things you have eaten?

Best steak in the world in Argentina. Grossest thing blood fish from the Amazon Ferry.

10) What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done?

Crossing the Sahara dessert in an overland truck

11) Finally, which destinations are still on your bucket list?

Japan, Antarctica, The Stans, Korea and Ethiopia, I could go on for ever!

If you would like to travel on one of our overland trucks why not consider an adventure in Africa or Patagonia?

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