The Ultimate Scares this Halloween

Wherever you are in the world, whatever you are doing, there will be moments to do things that would normally terrify you. One of the best things about embarking on an adventure is getting outside of your comfort zone. This year, in celebration of Halloween, we have compiled a list of our ultimate scares.

Ziplining in Monteverde National Park

Home to the longest zip line in the world, ziplining in Monteverde National Park is not for you if you have a fear of heights.  With no end in sight, you have to trust that there is something on the other side as you push yourself off the ground and into the cloud. Far below you sits the rainforest canopy and the cold, damp air rushes into your lungs and leaves you breathless.

To top it off, the tarzan swing waits for you at the end of the final zip line. All you can do is watch as your friends walk to the end of a long platform, leaving you to wait for your time to come. A scream as they jump off the edge indicates that is your turn to walk the plank, legs shaking more and more with each step.

Man Ziplining in Monteverde Cloud Forest

Whitewater rafting in Jinja

The whitewater in Jinja is some of the best worldwide. Keen kayakers descend on the tiny town to test the rapids. Lifebelted up, a quick safety briefing throws you into calm waters and it is not long before the roaring of the fast moving water are within earshot. A small waterfall comes first. Paddle. Holding on for dear life still throws you out of the raft and the water can hurl you downstream at a powerful rate.

Frothing rapids give way to smooth waters. They are so calm you can swim or float on your back while the guide feeds you fresh pineapple kept in waterproof bags (true story). But it isn’t long before it is time to climb back in, usually with a little help, as more white water approaches and over and over again you are thrown into the water.

white water rafting in jinja

Hang gliding over Rio de Janeiro

For some, jumping off the side of a mountain for the best views of Sugarloaf Mountain, the beaches and houses below are the number one adventure, for others, it is one of the ultimate scares. But instead of falling as your feet leave the ground, imagine swooping upwards and over the city.

It is not an activity for those with a fear of heights. With nowhere to look but down and a 25 minute glide back down to earth, there’s nothing to do but admire the views.

hang-gliding in rio de janeiro

Bungee Jumping over Victoria Falls

And if jumping off the side of a mountain wasn’t enough for you, imagine jumping off a bridge in no man’s land, in between Zambia and Zimbabwe with the Zambezi River 365 feet below. If that’s not bad enough, the adrenaline rush causes the blood to rush, not to your heart but to your head.

After that initial descent, there is several more to go before you get winched back up to the bridge so you get to relive that feeling over and over again.

Volcano boarding in Nicaragua

Prepare for the butterflies deep in your belly to get stronger and stronger as you hike up Central America’s youngest volcano. You’re going to be sandboarding down. Dressed head to toe in a jumpsuit, goggles and gloves, all there is to do is enjoy the ride.

With volcanic ash in every orifice, you’ll be lucky to reach the bottom without a few bumps and bruises. You can even race against your friend, reaching speeds of up to 55mph.

Deep fried spider in Battambang

Many people would have heart jitters at the sight of a house spider hiding in the bathtub. A well deserved of ultimate scares, imagine reaching for this deep fried delicacy. Imaging touching it with your own bare hands and then (deep breaths here) putting it in your mouth, chewing its little furry legs and with one final breath, swallowing it down.

In Cambodia, all of this is possible. It isn’t even the small, cute spider you sometimes find lurking in corners or under the sofa but the big, hairy tarantula that get dished up and only your plate.

Death road in Bolivia

If the name doesn’t give it away, the stories of people plunging to their deaths will. The North Yungas Road was once the most deadly road in the world with an estimated 200-300 people dying a year. Today, cycling the road is a popular activity out of La Paz and terrifies many.

“Babies heads” or big rocks jutting out of the ground riddle the road. Loose gravel and steep inclines can give you quite a scare with one wrong move.  Combine all of that with altitude sickness and one wrong move can become the stuff of nightmares.

Death Road, Bolivia

Shark diving in Cape Town

Duuuuh-dun, duhhhh-dunnnnn! Shark-diving is not recommended if the Jaws theme tune is enough to keep you up at night. Plus, if the idea of swimming with these deadly (yet beautiful creatures) isn’t enough to turn your stomach, then battling the high seas to reach them will.

A short journey across sometimes choppy waters will take you to Shark Alley. Sliding into thick wetsuits, you have to hold your breath underwater as the sharks, sometimes up to 15 feet long swim by. It that’s not terrifying, we don’t know what is.

Putting it all on red in Vegas

It’s the ultimate scares this Halloween, there’s nothing worse than waiting for the tick, tick, tick of the wheel to stop turning. It’s a 50:50 chance and you’ve wagered your bet.  Unlike the other experiences on our list, this one lasts seconds, a minute maximum but it can feel like forever.

That feeling of winning, that buzz, makes you want to do it all over again.

las vegas sign

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  1. What is this unhealthy interest in being scared all about?! Halloween is effectively a celebration of the darker side of life – the occult and witches – and there is nothing fun and glamerous about it.

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