Why you should travel solo on a tour at least once

Let’s face it, not everyone wants to be alone. But when the travel bug has bitten there’s no stopping anyone. And with solo travel taking centre stage, we believe you should give it a go!

If you find yourself at a crossroads wanting to venture out but all of your friends and family are busy, why not take on a group adventure tour? It might just be the best decision you’ll ever make!

Say hello to creativity

Picture the scene: You’re on tour walking along the cobbled streets of Prague, Trdelnik in one hand and a camera in the other. Bliss. The world is literally your oyster when you’re on the road as you’ve got no limitations, deadlines to meet or priorities other than to enjoy the views that surround you. When travelling around your dream destination on a tour you’ll still have the freedom and flexibility that you would get when travelling independently, but you won’t have that added worry of planning where to go and what to do. It leaves more headspace to bring out your inner photographer, artist, poet and overall wanderluster.

Czech Republic

Feeling safe

Safety is every traveller’s number one priority, and if you’re choosing to travel solo for the first time it will no doubt be on your mind. What’s great about travelling solo on a tour is that you won’t feel unsafe because you’ll have the company of a professional tour leader who will know everything from the culture to hints and tips about the best places to explore (as well as avoid) when out exploring a new location. It’s all about adventure travel that’s less scary and more focused on enjoyment.

Floating markets

Meet new people

Every person I have met that’s gone on a group adventure tour has always come back with at least one new friend. You’re always guaranteed to meet people from across the globe, all who have different stories and experiences to share. Best part of it all? The people you meet will share similar values to you because they are also willing to go out on an adventure and discover a new culture, which means new memories to make that you’ll take with you for years to come. Adventure travel can throw all sorts of exciting and potentially challenging situations your way and as a group you will experience them together.

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Unleashing your inner explorer

You’ve probably read a hundred times that travelling solo anywhere will be one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll have, and it’s true. No matter what age or stage you are in life, taking the plunge and booking a trip abroad on your own gives you the opportunity to have more meaningful experiences that will open up your mind to new perspectives on the world around you. After coming back from a big solo adventure, you’ll never look at travel or group tours in the same way, and you’ll thank yourself for it! What are you waiting for?

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  1. I am over 60 years of age and I would like to go to vietnam for the month of january 2019…it will be the 1st time I will be travelling solo…are there group tours that I can go with…and if so how do I find them

  2. I am 83 years old, single, and would like to see at least part of the world. Most of my friends are married and go with their husbands. I have been to Paris with my daughter (she’s married, so usually travels with her husband), and I am alone, so I have to watch my budget. I would like to see Iceland, which sounds great in the summertime. I live in Tucson, where it gets to 116 in the summer. Good time to go to Iceland!

  3. I’m going Solo to vietnam. This will be my 1st time travelling solo and I am a little afraid to do this.

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