Going wild: Top 5 exotic wildlife across the globe

With so many weird and wonderful animals all over the world, it’s no wonder keen globetrotters are scouring high and low for that ultimate wildlife travel photo. So if you’re stuck for ideas on what exotic wildlife to keep your eyes peeled for, we’ve narrowed it down to our top 5 around the world. Happy snapping!

1. The Squirrel Monkey

Did you know the Squirrel Monkey marks its territory by peeing on its hands? These furry critters are found across South America particularly in Bolivia, Brazil and Peru and are very much known to have a mind of their own. They aren’t your average monkey as they can live up to 25 years and usually use their tail to balance on branches. While you can’t keep them as pets due to their love of tropical climates, you can definitely catch the perfect photo of one perched on a tree.

Squirrel monkey

2. The Puma

Cat lovers rejoice! With a life span between 8-13 years and a length of up to 9 feet, these majestic creatures can be found in North, Central and South America. Top tip: If travelling to Patagonia, a visit to Torres Del Paine National park is perfect for spotting pumas on a morning trek. Check out our Patagonia Adventure tour to see these incredible creatures for yourself.


3. The Strawberry Poison Dart Frog

On a visit to Central or South America’s jungles you may come across this one inch long strawberry red coloured frog. If they turn a bright red all over its a warning to predators of their toxicity (don’t touch but snap away!) These poisonous amphibians mainly consume ants and let’s face it, make the best posers for a wildlife pic.

Dart frog

4. The Fennec Fox

I don’t think our tiny traveller hearts can really handle just how adorable looking the Fennec Fox is! These tiny foxes from North Africa are the smallest of their kind and primarily munch off plants but can also be spotted eating reptiles and insects. What’s most notable about them are their large ears which are up to 6 inches long.

Fennec Fox

5. The Blackbuck

Travelling to Nepal or India? Then keep an eye out for the blackbuck antelope. Aim to grab a photo of a herd which can range from anything between 5 and 50.

Black buck

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