Top tips for going on a group tour

The time to pack your bags and take off on the ultimate group adventure is fast approaching, but whether you’re a newbie or a pro group traveller there’s always something new to learn with every experience. That’s why we’ve gathered our top tips and advice for making the most of your group tour so you’re ready to go.

1. Pack light

Never underestimate the importance of packing light! This one’s especially important if you’re travelling on a group tour. Group tours can be relatively fast paced due to hopping from one location to another, and the last thing you need holding you back is the burden of carrying extra weight with you to each new location that you visit. Packing light means making tough calls on certain ‘luxury’ items that you don’t necessarily need vs the essentials, but is worth taking the time to do before your big trip (time to wave goodbye to those curling irons for the next few weeks).


2. Mingle

One of the best reasons to go on a tour is for the new people you meet along the way. That’s why the golden rule is getting to know your new travel buddies, and you can be sure to meet like-minded travellers as everyone who joins you on the adventure is willing to make new friends and talk about their life and travel experiences. Some of my best memories on tour has been meeting and talking to people that I would not normally meet on a day-to-day basis which is often one of the most refreshing things about the world of group travel.


3. Travel Smart

If you think you packed the essentials think again. Sure you’ve got your hiking boots, pocket torch and passport ready, but what about the little things that you know don’t seem like a big deal but make all the difference? Some of those ‘smart essentials’ can range from anything like pens to a few extra pair of socks, which is why travelling smart is the way forward. You might have the important parts of your tour covered, but make sure to do your research such as finding out which Wifi card is eligible in the country you are visiting (we all know is there Wifi is going to be the first question you ask yourself upon arrival).


4. A lesson in flexibility

Travelling on a tour means having to give up your creature comforts for a short period of time, but it’s also part of the fun! Just remember that not everyone will have the same tastes or preferences when it comes to dining or in their choice of optional excursions but that’s never a bad thing when you’re already out exploring new sites and surroundings that you’re unfamiliar with.


5. Embrace the unknown

Some of the greatest memories you can make on a tour are those that go unplanned. Maybe you and your new tour mates will stumble upon a delicious boutique restaurant on an evening out or make friends with a local who shares an interesting story or two. The world is your oyster when you go on a tour, let yourself go with the flow and experience the adventure as it unfolds each day.


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