New Year’s resolutions that should be on every traveller’s list

We only have one full day left in 2019 before it’s time to welcome a new decade into our lives. Have you settled your New Year’s Resolutions for 2020 already? In many ways it’s an odd tradition the ancient Babylonians have started over 4,000 years ago (although the festivities were quite different back then). Nevertheless it’s a comforting thought, being able to draw a line, a clean slate without hard feelings to become a better version of yourself.

Whether you need some inspiration for New Year’s resolutions or want to know where you should go based on your New Year’s resolutions, we’ve summarised it all this blog.

View of Himalayas whilst trekking the Annapurna Foothills in spring

1. An active lifestyle

Rather than aiming to “lose 5 pounds” why not look at the bigger picture this year? An active lifestyle will not only take care of the pounds you’re trying to lose but it’ll also make you more productive and lead you to unforgettable views. Of course we’re not talking about the uninviting concrete walls in the gym you’ve been dragging yourself to; we’re all about nature walks, a run in the park and active holidays in some of the most remote places on earth.

So make an active lifestyle your New Year’s resolution rather than restricting yourself. Say goodbye to calorie counting and hello to experiences that will last you a lifetime.

Are you after a physical revolution in 2020? Check out our Patagonia Highlights or trek the Annapurna foothills on the Highlights of Nepal tour for views that will make you jump off the couch.

View of the Old City in Jerusalem from Mound of Olives

2. Digital detox

Do you feel bored and annoyed when the signal bars on your phone disappear? Does the mere thought of leaving your house without your phone make you feel weirdly uncomfortable? Are you meant to be writing a report but you can’t take your eyes off the screen for more than a minute? Then you, like most people embracing the digital era, might be in need of a digital detox in 2020. Whilst moving about the world without Google Maps might seem impossible, just tell yourself that the human race has managed just fine for thousands of years until the smartphone came along. You’ll be amazed by the things you’ll notice when you’re not seeing the world through a tiny screen.

Leave your phone at home and travel back in time on our Best of Jordan & Israel tour or if you need a little more help to leave the online world behind, ditch all the Gs and travel to some truly remote places on our Delta & Deserts tour.

You’re going on a daring digital detox trip? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at and tell us about your experience.

Salt Flats in Bolivia

3. Tick it off your bucket list

We’re all guilty of doing it, there’s this one place that leaves you tingling with excitement, yet life happens and the trip is postponed year on year. Luckily a lot of flights are on sale in January so snap up a deal, put down a deposit for a tour and off you go in 2020. Check out our three most popular bucket list tours:

  1. Peru, Bolivia & Chile
  2. Moscow to Warsaw
  3. Mara & Serengeti

Picture of sushi in Japan with chopsticks

4. Learn something new

If you’re the curious type but you’ve let Netflix take over your evenings then learning something new should be on your list. Unlike passive ways to kill time like watching TV, learning is an active process for the brain which fills you with a sense of accomplishment, slows the ageing of the brain and could even prevent dementia. Yes, you’re out of excuses!

Enrol in a weekly Spanish class or learn for free on an app (we’ve tried Duolingo) and keep mentally fit. The best thing? You can combine it with an “educational” trip to Central America and put your new skill to the test. If a weekly class is too much commitment then go for a one-off class and learn how to make Sushi. Once you’ve mastered the craft you can travel to Japan and grade your own work.


5. Gain a different perspective

Have you been getting annoyed all too easily recently or have you had discussions where you simply could not understand your opponents point of view? It’s easy to get wrapped up in your own world and stuck in your ways. If you’re aiming to be a more open-minded and wiser person in 2020 then travelling is the best thing you could possibly be doing.

Prepare for a culture shock (in the best way) and rewire how you see the world on our Spiritual India or Kigali to Nairobi tours.

Overlooking Kotor on a sunny day with view onto the mountains

6. Reduce stress

It’s too easy to get stressed and lose your positive mental attitude in a constantly moving and connected world. Whether it’s your job, politics or your personal life that’s giving you a headache, we’ve got a quick fix for you.

Leave your worries behind and de-stress as you walk along the picturesque coastline of Kotor on our Best of the Balkans tour or watch a sloth slowly conquering the treetops in Manuel Antonio National Park on our Costa Rica Encompassed tour.

Anna is on the marketing team at Tucan Travel. From a young age Anna has travelled solo and on group tours through Europe, North Africa, the Americas and Asia.

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