10 Places to see Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpieces

10 places to see Leonardo da Vinci's masterpieces

This May, the world will honour the death of one of the most influential people in history, Leonardo da Vinci. It's not exaggerating to say that almost every person in the world knows his name. Not only was he a genius with a paintbrush, he was also a skilled inventor, scientist, mathematician, musician and writer, to name a few. The term 'Jack of all trades, master of none' doesn't even slightly apply here, he was a master of all.

500 years have passed since his death, and since then,...

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Central America




South America

12 Bizarre Easter traditions from around the world!

Easter, the Christian celebration of Christ’s resurrection is fast approaching. But for some countries it’s not all about attending mass and eating your body-weight's amount in chocolate. We've done a little research and gathered some of the most bizarre Easter traditions from around the world. Let's see if you can spot some of our destinations on the list!

Slovakia & Czech Republic - A good old fashioned Easter whipping!

Not an ideal time to be female in these parts....

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