Game of Thrones filming locations you can visit

Hvar Island - Croatia - Game of Thrones locations

Game of Thrones fans everywhere are waiting with baited breath for the concluding season to air, when we will finally uncover the fate of Jon Snow and Daenerys. Yes, there has been some other much-loved shows out in the last few years (we’re talking Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead), but there are no fans as die-hard as GOT fans. Fans may Continue Reading




Where are the best places to see the northern lights?

Northern Lights Europe Best Places To See The Northern Lights

One of the most featured bucket list items is no doubt a tour to see the elusive northern lights. Mother nature's own spellbinding performance which has captivated the world for years. People travelling far and wide, just to catch a glimpse of the illuminated sky as the Aurora Borealis waltzes above.

The myths and legends of the dancing lights!

With such a mystical spectacle, it’s no surprise that a...

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