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Japan, also known as the “Land of the Rising Sun”, is a country where the past meets the future. The culture of this country stretches back centuries yet it also leads the way in modern fashions and crazy fads. Travelling on the Shinkansen or bullet train our Japan adventure tours will take you on a high speed journey from Tokyo, the capital city of Japan to the attractive port city of Nagasaki and various towns in between to discover the wonders of this stunning country.

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Japan cannot be beaten for its beautiful lakes, woodlands and cherry blossoms, but a view not to be missed is that of Mt Fuji on a clear day. Our Japan adventure tours offer you classic Japanese experiences from visiting temples and shrines in Kyoto to staying in traditional ryokans or finishing a long day at a sento, a communal Japanese bath house. If a communal bath isn’t quite your style why not head out for a meal of sushi washed down with a few sakes This traditional rice wine this will help you to get up the courage to belt out a few songs at the karaoke bar! From the modern glitzy cities to the small villages our Japan adventure tours will show all sides of this wondrous land.


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Duration: 15 Days Route: Tokyo to Tokyo Style: Worldwide Adventures Price from: US$5,129.00


This tour holds a light to the mysterious face of Japan, revealing bold bright cities, beautiful lakes, deep woodlands and the glory of Mount Fuji. Gain insight into Japan's turbulent history and learn about traditional ways of life which have survived war, industrialisation, the influence of modern technology and the emergence of western ideas in today's youth culture. A land of palaces, temples, shrines and beautiful geishas endures.

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Duration: 10 Days Route: Kyoto to Tokyo Style: Worldwide Adventures Price from: US$3,069.00


Conflict, peace perseverance and prosperity have each shaped the history of Japan, which you can discover for yourself on this fascinating journey. From the early imperial palaces, traditional temples and sacred shrines, to 20th century memorials to the devastation of war, you can follow the evolution of a nation. Explore modern cities, climb dormant volcanoes and enjoy a soak in natural thermal springs and on this adventure tour to remember.

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Duration: 7 Days Route: Tokyo to Kyoto Style: Worldwide Adventures Price from: US$2,049.00


From technologically advanced Tokyo teeming with people, to the beautifully preserved old town of Takayama set in a mountain landscape, Japan is a land of fascinating contrasts. Enjoy an authentic way of life in this short but sweet tour of modern Japan.

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Duration: 13 Days Route: Tokyo to Nagasaki Style: Worldwide Adventures Price from: US$4,459.00


Discover how Japan has managed to retain its charm and culture despite devastation and destruction on this 13 day tour from Tokyo to Nagasaki. Learn about Geisha customs and Japanese rice wine. Wander through beautiful gardens and moving museums.

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