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Teeming with wildlife including birds, caimans and giant anacondas, our Venezuela adventure tours visit Los Llanos wetlands which are a natural highlight of this fascinating country, along with its tropical Caribbean beaches, lush national parks, idyllic colonial towns and majestic mountains. A must see on any Venezuela adventure tour is the world’s highest waterfall, Angel Falls, with a drop of 972 metres. This lush region around Canaima National Park is famed for its tepuis or table topped mountains and inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s book called “The Lost World” written in 1912.

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Travel into the high Andes on a Venezuela adventure tour and take the highest cable car in the world in the lovely city of Merida. There are many adventure activities and walking opportunities available plus magnificent scenery abounds on any journey through this region. Enjoy the splendid modern capital, Caracas, and if time allows, take yourself to the nearby Caribbean Island of Margarita to enjoy beautiful white sand beaches and the renowned hospitality of the locals that can be encountered on our Venezuela adventure tours.


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