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Discover the chaotic charm of our Tours in Hanoi when you visit South East Asia

As a gateway to this magnificent country, all travellers can experience the thrill of a Hanoi tour at some point during their journey. Some do not stay long, choosing to continue on to the beautiful Halong Bay for a few days, or travel south through the mountains and down the coast towards Hoi An. Those who choose to take tours in Hanoi are tantalised by the capital of Vietnam, most recognised by the swarms of motorbikes and oozing with history, friendly locals and an atmosphere like no other city in the world.

A highlight of our Hanoi tours is visiting Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum. Only open for a few hours a day and at intervals throughout the year, it is the resting place of the former president and political leader of Vietnam for part of the year. For the rest, his embalmed body is taken away for maintenance. Every day scores of people queue up to pay their respects to this figure, who helped shape the country that we recognise today and, to some extent, the rest of the world.

Eating in Hanoi

One of the best cities in the world to eat, food lovers and culinary experimenters flock here for some of the delights Vietnam has to offer. For some on Hanoi tours, it is their first taste of pho, the delicious noodle-based soup where you add the chilli, lime and mint to tickle your taste buds, or the sweet and creamy Vietnamese coffee made from condensed milk. For the more seasoned traveller, cobra blood, boiled duck foetus eggs or even dog meat is available in the Tay Ho district.

If you find a particular delicacy you rather enjoy, luckily on our tours in Hanoi you can learn how to reproduce them with classes available all over the city and many hostels being able to recommend somewhere to go.

Day Trips

Halong Bay is not the only day trip you can take during our Hanoi tours. Tours to the Sapa Mountain Range and Perfume Pagoda remain a popular choice for travellers keen on exploring the far reaches of the world.

Here is a selection of our tours that visit Hanoi

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