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Tucan Travel Newsletter | July 2011
Machu Picchu
Machu Picchu
An centenary worthy of celebrating

Five score years ago (on the 24th of this month), so the story goes, American explorer Hiram Bingham first stumbled across this Lost City of the Incas. The nature of his discovery is as mysterious as the wonder he uncovered. Reportedly Bingham had been on the hunt for a different Inca city called Vilcabamba, said to be the last Inca refuge from the invading Spanish conquistadors. There was no record of Machu Picchu’s existence at this time, as the Spaniards had never found it. It was left to a young local Quechua boy to lead Bingham up the steep hill, exposing the then mostly-hidden Machu Picchu to the outside world for the first time.

To this day the actual function of these spectacular ruins remains an issue of contention among historians and archaeologists. What is undisputable is the majesty and beauty of this most unlikely of settlements. Often first seen from above as a fitting reward for completing the Inca Trail Trek, to this day the site of Mach Picchu continues to dazzle all those who visit her.

Tucan Travel is proud to have been leading traveller’s to Machu Picchu to marvel at this site for a slightly more modest 25 years, and you could be next.

Win a tour of Peru, including the Inca Trail Trek

To celebrate the centenary of Machu Picchu, and our own quarter century of operating fabulous tours in Peru, we want to give you the chance to win one of our award-winning tours that includes the Lost City of the Incas. Visit Facebook to enter and the winner, to be drawn on 15 August, will soon be trekking up through the Peruvian Andes and marvelling at the awe-inspiring ruins on the 15-day Magical Incas tour.

Inca Trail Trek
Machu Picchu
One wonder, more ways to marvel

With almost 25 years experience taking travellers from all over the world to visit Machu Picchu, today we have refined all our tours to accommodate all travel styles. This is because while trekking your way to Machu Picchu along the arduous, yet rewarding, Inca Trail is one of the more popular methods of visiting the site, those less partial to three days camping don’t want to be excluded from the experience. So we have four travel styles that all visit the site and if you prefer, there is considerably more relaxed, yet still stunning, train ride to Aguas Calientes from the ancient Inca capital of Cuzco. An another alternative is the Lares Valley Trek - no less challenging than the Inca Trail but through more remote stunning scenery. For more information about the many ways you can enjoy Machu Picchu with Tucan Travel this centenary year, visit here.