Africa Highlights

serengeti national park

Serengeti National Park

See the Big 5 and explore Tanzania's most famous park

The sprawling plains of the Serengeti National Park protects the highest concentration of large mammals on Earth, including 2,500 lions. Covering 14,763 square kilometres across the north of Tanzania, the varied landscape offers spectacular contrasts. The Serengeti National Park is an included excusion on many Worldwide Adventures to Tanzania.

masai mara national reserve

Masai Mara National Reserve

See the Big 5 and catch part of the Great Migration

The Masai Mara National Reserve is Kenya's leading wildlife sanctuary. Established in 1961, the reserve was designed to protect animals from hunters and the beauty of the landscapes and the diversity of the wildlife is amazing. The Masai Mara is included on many Worldwide Adventures to Kenya.

gorilla trekking in uganda

Gorilla Trekking in Uganda

Visit mountain gorillas in the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park of Uganda

Bwindi is a small national park in south Uganda. During Overland Tours in Uganda you can take an included trek to meet the endangered mountain gorilla. With our Budget Expeditions (18-35s) you have the option to do this once-in-a-lifetime trek. Learn about the best time to visit the gorillas and how to apply for your permit here.

other national parks of africa

Other National Parks of Africa

Witness the daily drama of life and death as predators track their prey

Africa offers an astonishing number and variety of national parks, each offering sanctuary to diverse and abundant wildlife. During many of our Overland Tours in Africa you can go out on an included safari at Ngorongoro Crater, Victoria Falls, Kruger National Park, Addo Elephant National Park, Chobe National Park, Okavango Delta and Etosha National Park.

the great migration

The Great Migration

Witness one of the most amazing wildlife spectacles on Earth

Without a doubt the annual wildebeest migration is one of the most spectacular wildlife displays in the world. Over a million wildebeest and hundreds of thousands of zebras and antelope thunder across the plains in search of nutritious rain-ripened grasses. Columns of snorting, dust-kicking animals cover great distances and predators are never far behind.

safari wildlife guide

Safari Wildlife Guide

Find out where you can see the Big 5

Lion, elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard and rhino are the most prized animals on any safari-goer's list. However, there are plenty of other species worthy of your attention from big cats to primates, herd animals to hippos. Check out the Safari Wildlife Guide for information about where you can see some of Africa's most famous wildlife.

Zanzibar spice island

Zanzibar: Spice Island

Tanzania's beautiful tropical island paradise

Known as the Spice Island, the beautiful island of Zanzibar on Africa’s east coast is bursting with culture and history, seemingly at odds with its idyllic geography of white-sand beaches with palms swaying lazily in the sea breeze. Together this makes Zanzibar a fabulous place to explore as well as a dream to relax and unwind.