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The Amazon in Ecuador

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A three night excursion into the Amazon in Ecuador from Tena in the Amazon Jungle is included in Adventure Tours and Overland Tours and is an optional excursion Budget Expeditions. Accompanied by expert local guides, we enter the Amazon jungle on foot climbing and canyoning through the jungle, eventually arriving at the hotel where you can enjoy the secluded surroundings and facilities.

Accommodation is on a twin or multi share basis, with all bedding and towels, mosquito nets and candles or oil lamps provided. Most cabins have ensuite bathrooms with cold or tepid running water, a toilet and shower. Electricity is only available for a short period in the morning and evening. All meals are provided and there is a bar onsite selling alcohol and soft drinks.

During your visit to the Ecuadorian Amazon you will have an opportunity to visit an animal rescue centre, then take a trek in the jungle through primary forest near the Arajuno River. You may see tiny frogs, giant ants, bromeliads, wood vines, giant trees, strangling figs, colourful birds, an array of insect life, balsa trees and much more. We also visit a Kichwa Indian Museum to learn about the traditions of upper Napo River communities. A truly wonderful excursion.

Best time to visit the Ecuadorian Amazon

The Amazon in Ecuador is hot, humid and wet all year. It is particularly wet in from April through September. The rains have a cooling, cleansing and refreshing effect on the otherwise heavy air so any time of year can be a great time to go. The season of October to March is usually drier but random cloudbursts can occur at any time. Temperatures average 26°C to highs of 35°C and above occasionally.

The best time to visit the Amazon region is in June, July and August when animal life thrives in the jungle. However you can generally expect to have hot and rainy weather regardless of when you are going.


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