the Inca Trail Trek

Inca Trail Trek Permit

The Inca Trail Trek is very popular! Every year, in January, the Peruvian Government release the trekking permits available for the year ahead. Within weeks, permits start selling out for the peak trekking season, between May to September. Every year, demand increases and the permits start selling out earlier and earlier in the year. With all of this in mind, we strongly advise to book a minimum of 6 months in advance and ideally, even longer if you want to trek during peak season. 

Our small office in Cuzco means that if you book for a date where permits are not yet available, we will be the first in the queue when the government releases them and while we cannot 100% guarantee that you will get a spot on the trek, we have never had an instance where we have been unable to secure a permit when booking so far in advance. 

We track permit availability closely, ensuring that our Reservations Consultants have the most up to date information on what dates are left throughout the year. For more information, contact them on with the date you have in mind.

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