The Train To Machu Picchu

You can take the train to Machu Picchu on any of our group tours that include the Inca Trail Trek should you decide that you don't want to hike. However, if you are short on time and don't want the extra few days in Cuzco enjoying the surrounding area, we have a selection of group tours where the train to Machu Picchu is the only option available.

Taking the train to Machu Picchu is an adventure in its own right. A combination of buses and trains are used to reach the World Heritage Site, the journey is packed with stunning views and dramatic landscapes.

Top tips for taking the train

adventure hike iconWear your walking boots

Once at Machu Picchu, there is lots of walking involved so wear comfortable shoes

adventure meal icon 01Pack water & snacks

Food and drink at Machu Picchu is very expensive so pack plenty of food for the day

adventure trans iconWatch out for traffic jams

Getting in and out of Cuzco and Ollantaytambo can be quite tricky at times and you may get stuck in gridlock.

adventure staff iconTips are not included

Have some change on hand to tip your local guide.

Below are our selection of tours where the Train to Machu Picchu is the only option available.

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