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Rio Carnival - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Rio Carnival is always celebrated the weekend before the beginning of Lent. We run tours in to and out of Rio Carnival with Carnival extensions that offer unbeatable value. You can also attend Carnival on one of our stand-alone 5-day packages.

Rio CarnivalRio CarnivalRio CarnivalRio CarnivalRio CarnivalRio Carnival

Rio Carnival Tours and Dates

Book your place on tour to the world's biggest party

Book your place on tour to the world's biggest party

Rio Carnival is the biggest street party in the world, with hundreds of thousands of people flocking to Rio de Janeiro each year to celebrate the famous festival. Central to the celebration is the Sambadrome parade although there are also lots of free street parties and black tie balls to enjoy. Experience Rio Carnival as a group with Tucan Travel.

Adding Rio Carnival to Group Tours

Book your place on tour to the world's biggest party

Get 10 % off the 5-day Rio Carnival extension

If you're booked, or planning to book on a Tucan Travel group tour that meets Rio Carnival, you may be eligible for one of our exclusive Rio Carnival tour extensions. You can get 10% off  the Rio Carnival Beach Experience or Rio Carnival City Experience when you add them to a group tour that meets Rio de Janeiro in time for Carnival.

Rio Carnival Packages

Book your place on tour to the world's biggest party

Travel to Rio Carnival on one of our 5-day packages

If you're short of time or not planning to combine Rio Carnival with a South America tour, we have short and sweet 5-day packages to choose from. Accommodation in Rio de Janeiro is hard to come by over Carnival dates, but our long-standing relationship with hotels means we can offer these packages at unbeatable prices giving you the best value.

Tours Meeting Rio Carnival

Meeting Carnival in Rio

Browse all the tours that are scheduled to meet Rio Carnival

We have tours from 10 days to six months long in several different travel styles that will converge on the fabulous Brazilian city of Rio in time for the mother of all street parties. These tours either start or finish in Rio de Janeiro at Carnival time or they will be going through Rio as part of a longer tour. We make it easy to combine Rio Carnival with a tour of South America.


Party all night long at the Sunday parade

Where the Samba schools compete and we party all night at the Sunday parade

The main event at Rio Carnival is the Samba parades held at the purpose-built stadium called the Sambadrome. Here the best Samba schools will compete with outrageous, colourful costumes, dance routines, drum rhythms and floats. Find out more about what Sambadrome is and the layout of the stadium to see where you will be sitting!

Carnival Balls and Parties

Dress up and dance the night away

Dress up and dance the night away

In addition to the main Samba parade the carnival balls are a highlight of many travellers' experience of Rio Carnival. Luckily you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great time. Tickets to most balls will cost you around US$70 to US$150 and you can book in advance online or with the help of your hotel.

Enjoy Rio Carnival on a Budget

Free parades, parties and events!

Free parades, parties and events!

Rio Carnival needn’t cost the earth and in addition to the main parade, participating in free events held throughout the city will enhance your holiday and ensure your trip doesn’t break the bank. There are free parades, street parties and gigs happening… some just around the corner from the Tucan Travel hotels!

Travel Tips for Rio Carnival

Book early, enjoy yourself and stay safe

Book early, enjoy yourself and stay safe

We've put together a list of our best advice for getting to Rio Carnival and what to do when you get there. The most important of our Rio Carnival tips is to book well in advance. Rio Carnival is the most popular party in the world so make sure you book your accommodation and flights early to avoid disappointment.

Free ebook: Guide to Rio Carnival

A Guide to The World's Greatest Party

There are parties, there are mega-parties, and then there’s Rio Carnival. There's the Carnival the world knows from its TV screens - the parades, the beaches and the nightlife. But how about the neighbourhood blocos? The local scene in Lapa? And how to possibly squeeze it all in to one fun-filled week? This free, downloadable guide gives you everything you need for the full Carnival experience.


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