Rio Carnival Packages

If you are not doing one of our group tours you can still get to Rio Carnival with Tucan Travel. We offer two packages which can be booked on their own and include your accommodation, a ticket to the Samba parade in the Sambadrome (Sector 11), an orientation walk and dinner on arrival,and four continental buffet breakfasts. You can choose between our Beach Experience or our City experience which offers different accommodation depending on the atmosphere you want.

As part of our Adventures for 20s & 30s range we offer the Rio Carnival Hostel Experience. This includes your accommodation and a ticket to the Sambadrome parade in Sector 13.


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Beach exp

Rio Carnival Beach Experience

City exp

Rio Carnival City Experience

Hostel exp

Rio Carnival Hostel Experience

Rio Carnival Packages - Fri 9th February to Tues 13 February 2018