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Introduction and suitability

Expedition Cruises are perfect for adventure travellers who are looking for a way to experience the wild areas of the Galápagos Islands and Antarctica, and get in touch with nature while travelling in comfort and style. If you’re interested in walking across diverse and fascinating landscapes, snorkelling and swimming activities, lectures by knowledgeable naturalist guides and meeting local people, Expedition Cruises are for you. Itineraries can vary according to local conditions so we recommend that you take a flexible approach to maximise your enjoyment of your cruise.

Based on the nature of this travel style, Expedition Cruises are generally suitable for people aged between 11 and 65 years old who are relatively fit and healthy, comfortable negotiating rocky or slippery terrain and enjoy getting close to nature. If you have any questions about this please contact us or speak to your travel consultant.

Degree of difficulty/fitness

Expedition Cruises can involve wet and dry landings (explained below), and walking on sometimes slippery and uneven surfaces. Your expedition cruise leaders and guides will help you to shore during landings.

Some people may experience seasickness during an Expedition Cruise, although symptoms tend to disappear as you adapt to the conditions after one or two days. Your expedition leader will give you tips and advice to help you avoid or deal with any discomfort. We recommend that you speak to a travel health professional about your itinerary before you depart if you are in any doubt or would like to consider preventative medication.


Cabin styles vary according to the vessel. Generally the cabins are very comfortable and feature air conditioning, port holes or windows, twin or double beds, ample room for storage and private bathroom facilities.

Pre and post cruise accommodation

We have packaged some cruises with pre and post cruise accommodation where necessary to coincide with early ship or flight departures. These packages include a high standard of accommodation. All hotels are centrally located in the joining/departing city and are Superior hotel standard, which is generally the equivalent of a 4 star hotel. If your Expedition Cruise does not include pre and post cruise accommodation and/or you would like to spend more time in your arrival or departure port, you will find Expedition Cruise hotel prices listed on the prices section of the tour page on our website.


Most meals are included during cruise days. The cuisine will be prepared by professional chefs and will vary according to your destination but international styles will generally be available. Meals will generally be held at set times. Vegetarians and those with special dietary requirements can be catered for if advised at the time of booking.


Although an itinerary outline is given, Expedition Cruises are anything but exact and days can change depending on local circumstances such as weather conditions, national park policies and regulations, opportunities to see wildlife, seasonal changes or safety matters. Excursions may include walks, snorkelling and swimming activities, lectures by knowledgeable naturalist guides, visits to particular places of interest and meeting local people.

Shore landings are not set in stone and the frequency, location and duration will vary depending on the situation at the time. Your expedition leader will aim to land where the best weather conditions, the most abundant wildlife and the most stunning scenery can be found. Landing times will also be determined by your expedition leader. Landings are made by smaller vessels such as zodiac style boats or dinghies. During all landings the group will be accompanied by an expedition leader.

A dry landing allows passengers to step from the dinghy onto the rocks or a dock. A wet landing happens as the boat edges onto a beach and passengers step into knee-deep water and wade ashore.

Expeditions and excursions


Expedition Cruises travel on purpose-built or specially adapted vessels with excellent onboard facilities. Ship types and sizes vary according to the destination and detailed specifications are available on our website. Landings will be made by smaller vessels such as zodiac style boats or dinghies. Some itineraries also require short flights.


Transfers may be made in private cars, minivans or coaches. If you have prepaid for an airport arrival transfer, or if an arrival transfer is included in your package, please look for your name on a welcome board held by the local representative in the arrivals hall at the airport.

We can book additional airport arrival transfers in some joining cities for you at an additional cost. However the transfers must coincide with the arrival and/or departure dates for your cruise. Transfers are per car for a maximum of two people - please refer to the prices section on your tour page for more information. Please inform us or your travel agent of your flight details at the time of booking and notify us or your travel agent of any subsequent changes.

Group size

The group size varies according to the destination and capacity of the vessel, as indicated on the ship pages and tour dossiers on our website. The maximum capacity of the largest vessel that we represent is 210, however most ships are significantly smaller.


Local reps will assist you with accommodation, flights and transfers (if included). Expedition leaders such as naturalist guides will share their extensive knowledge with you during on-board lectures and accompany you during shore excursions. An experienced crew will take care of hospitality and the smooth operation of the vessel.


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