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Feedback is very important to us. That is why we ask our travellers to review their tour and submit a detailed post tour questionnaire after they have completed their travels. From their feedback we can build a detailed picture of our passengers' experiences on tour and use that information to continuously quality control and improve our itineraries.

We have published some of those reviews, as well as reviews left on third party websites, so you can read some of what has been said about us. We feel the best way to tell you about the effort we put in to running amazing trips, is to stay quiet and let our past travellers do it for us!

We also receive a lot of letters and emails from past travellers, which you can read here. If you would like to submit feedback please consult our feedback page to learn how.

"Great company, great price. I was thoroughly impressed with Tucan Travel. The package seemed a lot, however, once we started the tour, we realised how amazing the pricing was considering everything we did, where we stayed and every other thing that was included. I'd recommend the Jewels of Sri Lanka tour to anyone. Not only is it a great price, but you see everything you would want to see in Sri Lanka, and you see things you wouldn't have thought to see. You also get to do things you wouldn't think to do. The staff were incredible as well. Couldn't have asked for a better trip!"

Posted by Esther on Nov 09, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Had a blast! Everyone should travel with Tucan Travel! A different way to travel but a great way to make real friends and properly get to know a country."

Posted by Stephanie on Nov 07, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Lots of fun, well organised, great group. We were a little hesitant at first because we'd read a few bad reviews about Tucan Travel but we actually really enjoyed ourselves and were sad to leave. Everything was really well organised and we had a fantastic group. We all got along really well and we were really happy with everything. Would recommend Tucan Travel to our friends, especially the adventure tours."

Posted by Mark on Nov 07, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"An outstanding experience! Tucan Travel is the perfect tour company to travel with because you are given a lot of free time to do what you want to do. The trip was not all under a tour guide's schedule, rather the tour guide was mainly as a guide for the logistics and transportation, leaving you to explore the cities on your own."

Posted by Jennifer on Nov 04, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"A really enjoyable tour. I enjoyed the diverse activities and sites we were taken to. Great to learn about the Mayan culture and visit villages to see how they live today. I loved the waterfalls, Lake Titilan, and the opportunities to swim, ride and hike. Our tour leader made the tour into a really enjoyable experience with her never ending enthusiasm. Using local guides means they understand the country well and can impart their local knowledge."

Posted by Judith on Nov 02, 2014 via post tour questionnaire

"Best adventure Tour operator - I suggest Tucan Travel if you do not want to travel alone, but you like having a lot of free time. If you use public transport, everything will be organized for you and you will have the pleasure of meeting local people. Are you scared to go abroad alone? Book with Tucan Travel!"

Posted by Daniela on Oct 31, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Very organised. Tucan Travel were amazing, the timing and organisation of everything was perfect. The guides were friendly and very informative and went out of their way to ensure everyone was ok. I will definitely use Tucan Travel again."

Posted by Joanne on Oct 30, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Two unforgettable weeks in Peru. Excellent and helping guides helped us to enjoy this tour. The whole trip was well organized with great value for money and I would recommend Tucan Travel to anyone interested in adventure travel."

Posted by Jasminka on Oct 7, 2014 via post tour questionnaire

"Amazing trip! Everything that I had hoped it would be. Had an amazing time on the Complete Indochina tour with Tucan Travel. It was a fantastic 5 weeks. I would highly recommend this tour to anyone. They cover all of the major highlights with lots of flexibility to choose your own activities, and great recommendations for excursions. The tour guides were excellent. Vietnam was definitely the highlight for me. This tour is one of the few that does an overnight in Halong Bay - an absolute must! Our group really wanted to stay an extra night in the stunning landscape and our tour leader was able to arrange that for us. It was an excellent way to end 5 weeks of travel!"

Posted by Meghan on Sep 13, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"I decided last minute to go to Peru and, not wanting to travel alone, decided to book a trip. A friend had travelled with Tucan Travel in Colombia and recommended them to me. I cannot rave enough about how wonderful our tour leader was. In Peru, they require local guides for Cuzco and Machu Picchu and both guides used were exceptional. Our guide went out of his way to ensure everyone was happy and getting the most out of the trip. Accommodation was always central, good locations. Transport always felt safe and comfortable. Doing a trip like this is not the cheapest way to travel but it took ALL the stress out of the situation and all I had to do was turn up and enjoy it."

Posted by Nichola on Sep 12, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"The best for an introduction to any country. Tucan Travel are a great company to travel with, as the group size is not to big and the tour leaders are very knowledgeable. We were given plenty of information each morning as to what was happening that day and the following day, and also any extra excursions that were available the following day. I did the Eastern European experience which, although fast (6 countries in 12 days), was a great tour."

Posted by Zoe on Sep 12, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Fantastic holiday, fab countries, great tour guide. The Central American countries are rich in cultural and natural wonders. Just to name a few, the Mayan temples of Copan are amazing, and so is the Vulcano climbing and boarding in Nicaragua. Our tour guide was amazing in organizing all the things. It was a trip without any friction. I can only highly recommend to do the trip in that region with Tucan Travel as the tour operator."

Posted by Marco on Sep 12, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Great Experience! Our tour group leader made the trip, without a good leader you can miss out on so much! He knew where to go, what to see, gave us tons of interesting info, made our long trips fun, all in all it was an awesome experience with the best group of people! Thanks Tucan Travel :)"

Posted by Corrie on Sep 12, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"72 days camping in East and the South of Africa, travelling in a vechile that looks like a truck, sounds like a truck, is driven like a truck but comfort wise, is a bus. Sleeping in a tent you have erected, on surfaces that are usually not grass. Noisy bars at campsites. Tolerating the occasional odd ball fellow passengers. All this is totally superseded by Tucan Travel's itinerary of my particular trip. An absolutely wonderful balance of doing stuff, seeing stuff, being totally immersed in African stuff. The 'challenging' moments I experienced paled in comparison to the above."

Posted by Teresa on Sep 11, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Jam-packed two weeks of 8 Unesco World Heritage sites, cycling around ancient temples, staring up at huge Buddhas, markets, white water rafting, elephants, leopards, monkeys, sloth bears, snakes, lizards, crocs, cricket, hiking, night-time mountain climbing, jeep safaris, sunsets, beaches, coconut trees, rice paddies, tea fields, riding the trains with my legs hanging out, saris, fishermen, seafood, LOTS of rice & curry, cooking class, boat trip, spices, blessings from monks, sacred caves, Kandy's Sacred Buddha's Tooth, giant squirrels peeling bananas, spice farms, wood carving, tuk tuks, lotus flowers, local dancing, fire eating, walking on coals, colonial towns and forts, lighthouses, turtle babies, street food, great group of travel buddies, and SMILES everywhere... I love Sri Lanka!"

Posted by Fabian on Sep 07, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Well organised - the trip of a lifetime. Tucan Travel were great - good prices, lots of communication before the trip to reassure you. The trip itself went very smoothly, Laura (our guide) and Dave (our driver) were exceptionally good, they made the trip incredible! I saw amazing things and made friends for life. Thanks."

Posted by Linzy on Aug 29, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"It was great, interesting, but also challenging. If I had known beforehand that on the second leg the group would be 27 people, I would not have booked. I loved the first 10 days with 16 people. The last was only 6 people, it was nice, but a few more would have been better."

Posted by Lydia on Aug 26, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"A great way to see the world and have loads of fun with like-minded people. I have toured with Tucan Travel in South America and Eastern Europe and thoroughly enjoyed both experiences. Everything went smoothly, which I attribute to the professionalism, organisational skills and patience of the tours leaders, to whom nothing was too much trouble. For that reason, I have already booked two more tours with Tucan Travel for this year. I am confident that I will enjoy them as much as my previous tours."

Posted by Laurel on Aug 26, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Overall value for money. Tour from Lima to La Paz. Numbers varied from 6 to 14. Tour leader friendly and tried to accommodate large variety of client needs. Though on a budget tour, accommodation was either good or reasonable. Loved the couple of days in the Amazon jungle. Only discomfort was a couple of long overnight bus trips."

Posted by Karen on Aug 21, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Overall would recommend Tucan Travel tours! Although there were some downs as well as ups and if I could do it all over again I would slightly change some things, I still had an amazing time! I would much rather have done the tour and had this experience than not done it! Even the bad times were life experience! Made some great friends who I will keep in contact with! It was fantastic to have everything arranged such as accommodation and transport. I loved travelling on a truck, it just made things more chilled and relaxing. Most of the destinations were fantastic and the tour has certainly given me an unexpected love for South America, which has given me the desire to go again and visit the countries I did not see this time around! Bearing everything in mind I would not think twice about booking with Tucan Travel again, especially if there are special offers on that were similar to the one when I booked previously."

Posted by Wiga on Aug 21, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Fantastic tours! These tours were really really great. They have great routes and awesome tour leaders who go out of their way to help."

Posted by Benjamin on Aug 20, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Very inexperienced, but well meaning guide not able to cope with differences within the group. Good itinerary and accommodation as expected i.e. budget but OK, expect for awful hotel in Delhi. Generally good value for money."

Posted by Alison on Aug 20, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Fun and adventurous. Had a great time, tour was well organized and tour leader made each day fun. Would definitely recommend to others wanting an enjoyable, fun and informative travel experience."

Posted by Simon on August 19, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"The tour provided a good overview of the country and the different regions of Colombia. It was a good mix of included excursions and free time to explore alone. I like the flexibility of the tours, and the way you can opt in and out of excursions when you like. You get all the benefits of group travel, but without feeling you are being herded around with no free will!"

Posted by Jacqueline on August 15, 2014 via post tour questionnaire

"I had a fantastic time traveling with Tucan Travel and would recommend the trip that i did to anyone. Everyone was really friendly and so helpfull. I am looking forward to doing another one at somepoint in the future."

Posted by Charlotte on August 12, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"This is now the third trip I have done with Tucan Travel and I have always felt they have included everything I wanted and it has been value for money. As of yet I have only ever had very positive experiences. I also like the age range of people on tours. I like the fact that all of the main sights are included with very good guides and there are plenty of opportunities to be independent within a group setting. I also like the chance to see things that other people may not."

Posted by Emma on July 20, 2014 via post tour questionnaire

"Have fun and learn, without paying for the frills. Travelling with Tucan Travel was overall a great experience. We had a variety of opportunities to see fascinating sights. The cheaper hotels and forms of transport kept the costs down. Our guide was knowledgeable, especially about getting from one place to another, and he dealt with difficulties very well. The one area where we felt a bit let down was in not having all expenses disclosed up front, such as exit fees from countries, and gratuities for coach drivers. This could all have been included. Otherwise we were very satisfied."

Posted by Jeffrey on July 01, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"We enjoyed most of the travelling with Tucan Travel. Using public buses (very nice) and 1 & 2 star hotels was a bit of a stretch. The guide was great, young, energetic but was hampered by no operator or guide credentials or ID from Tucan Travel(needed to get us discounts at entrances). We ate as a group each night which we enjoyed. The guide was able to help us decide on dishes. Would do another, perhaps, with Tucan Travel but with an upscaled hotel itinerary."

Posted by Brent on July 01, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Great tour covering places that are a bit off the beaten track. The Eastern Europe Experience (EEEX) tour was a great way to see a lot of places in the Balkans in a short amount of time. Visiting 6 countries in 12 days meant we were constantly on the move, but we spent enough time in each place to give us a feel for the city or town and to take in the highlights. From friends' experiences travelling independently around this region, there are so many factors that make it quite difficult, especially related to transportation, so having everything arranged for me took the hassle out of it all. Highlights included Lake Ohrid, Kotor, the Piva Canyon, Sarajevo, Mostar and Dubrovnik."

Posted by Alice on June 30, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"We had an amazing time on our Inca Trail tour, the people in our group were all great and the guides were AMAZING! I really can't emphasise how knowledgeable, kind and helpful they were. Thank you for making it a honeymoon we will not forget!"

Posted by Katie on June 17, 2014 via post tour questionnaire

"Balkans Encompassed is an excellent tour - great value, great itinerary, great fun! It has an enjoyable mix of culture, history and modern life in the Balkan states. I would recommend this tour for a comprehensive experience of this part of the world."

Posted by Anthea on May 31, 2014 via post tour questionnaire

"Tucan Travel organised a great 2-day, 1-night trip for me to take in the amazing and inspirational wonder of the world that is Machu Picchu. The punctuality of the pick ups, transfers and the Peru-rail journey were bang on. If you've not much time - like myself - but need to see this place, Tucan Travel are a great organisation to book through."

Posted by Robert on May 06, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Simply the best! Have travelled with Tucan Travel on a couple of trips and had an AMAZING experience both times. Helpful leaders, good accommodation, well organised itinerary, reasonable value for money - I would definitely recommend this company."

Posted by Wendy on April 28, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"I would recommend Tucan Travel to anyone! The guides were knowledgable and very helpful! We had to make some changes in the middle of our tour due to altitude sickness and they made all the arrangements and made sure everything worked for us. We went to the Amazon and tried the Inca Trail, but had to change that because of illness (Tucan Travel was fabulous with making the necessary changes by arranging the train to Machu Picchu). The accommodation was all in great locations, with everything within walking distance, but remember they are all backpackers hotels."

Posted by Patricia on April 24, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"A great experience! We enjoyed it very much. The tour leader was very good and helped us when we needed it. The best part was the chance to know the country by travelling by land. We got to know different cultures, religions and ways of life."

Posted by Paula on April 14, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"A great way to experience India. The tailor-made trip of India, organised by Tucan Travel was just as we expected. Prior to finalising the itinerary, we were able to add and drop from the itinerary as we wished. The admin was spot-on and covered all aspects, including flights, connections, cars and drivers, hotels, mini tours and guides. We were met at the agreed time and place on every occasion. The voucher system used worked very well giving details of the hotel, car, mini guide and much more. All of the reps that we met were friendly, helpful and willing to guide us where we wanted. We would recommend Tucan Travel to others and will probably book through them for our next tour."

Posted by Robert & Suri on April 12, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Comprehensive overland from Santiago to Ushuaia. I'd done a number of the locations before. I wanted to join the dots, experience the journey. Overall, it was very good. The truck could take 34 clients. Count me out on that one - we had 13, just about right. Hotels good, inclusive add-ons good. Downside for me was very poor guide. Took enjoyment from the trip."

Posted by Trevor on April 11, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"I have travelled with Tucan Travel twice to Central America and once to South America. All travels were the most adventurous experience one could ever hope or plan for. I have been recommending Tucan Travel's tours to everyone. They are so much more than the standard group tour. The leaders have been phenomenal, and the travel companions have become life-long friends."

Posted by Fran on April 11, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Friendly, flexible for travellers and huge variety on offer. Have used Tucan Travel twice now, both for their own adventure/overlanding tours, as well as arranging flights and extensions. Almost everyone I have dealt with has a similar helpful attitude, and down-to-Earth style, all with a sense of fun. Their office staff have been very knowledgeable. As my first experience with them in Syria and Jordan had been so good, I felt very confident in choosing them for my second tour of Patagonia, when I saw that they operated there."

Posted by Holly on April 11, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Brilliantly planned and amazing fun! I absolutely loved my trip with Tucan Travel. No complaints at all, I felt safe at all times and the travelling to each place was well organised and the accommodation was better than I expected, so good value for money. Definately recommend and cannot wait for my next trip."

Posted by Tina on April 11, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"I've been very pleased with the Tucan Travel trip. The accommodation has been clean, safe, and located well in relation to tourist sites. The transportation was well organized and efficient. The excursions were spectacular but the best part was the guides."

Posted by Tracey on March 29, 2014 via post tour questionnaire

"This was my first trip with Tucan Travel and I had a great time. Fellow travelers were great, the country was beautiful, and for the most part the trip was very smooth. Accommodation was pretty much what I expected. I would say the only downside was having to take an overnight bus in Vietnam. Wasn't really designed for anyone taller than 5 feet and was extremely uncomfortable. Trip is recommended though!"

Posted by Joseph on March 23, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Above expectation! Go for a group tour with Tucan Travel! I would fully recommend Costa Rica Encompassed to everyone! Usually, I like organizing trips myself, but due to a lack of time and a rather incovenient vacation time for my friends, I decided to book a tour but was a bit sceptical. However, I was really surprised in a very positive way. The London staff were very nice and helped me in a very efficient way booking the tour. I was together with a very small group and great tour leader. The tour leader has lived in Central America for many years already, and has a great knowledge of the culture and language, which was a great advantage! She was fun and made the trip pleasant for everyone. Hotels were much better than expected and we were shown nice places to eat and drink. You get a very good overview of Costa Rica in two weeks and you also get some time for yourself. I would certainly do another tour with Tucan Travel!"

Posted by Kati on March 4, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Great trips at affordable prices. I have travelled with Tucan Travel on three occasions and every trip has been fantastic. The guides have always been great, well prepared, good fun and enthusiastic about what they were doing and the places they were taking us."

Posted by Andre on March 4, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"I enjoy traveling with Tucan Travel - generally well organized, you get to experience countries at grass-roots level, travelling with like-minded people, it takes all the hassle out of "finding the bus stop" each day and yet there is the opportunity to go do your own thing."

Posted by Sherryl on March 4, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"I loved the Wonders of India and Nepal tour. I met amazing people and went to incredible places. India is loud and filthy and confronting and colourful and overwhelming and beautiful and joyful all at once. The itinerary was perfectly chosen to provide a mix of sites and experiences from forts and deserts to bustling cities, rural villages and cultural sites. Nepal, particularly Pokhara, was an absolute highlight, and Paragliding down from the mountains after the trekking, with vultures soaring along beside us was one of the most awesome experiences of my life. The accomodation was well located close to attractions in each city, with the exception of Jaipur, which seemed more remote than other hotels. The hotels otherwise left something to be desired. The cleanliness of the accomodation in Nepal was much better than in India. On the whole, I would definitely recommend this tour to my more intrepid friends and family, although I don't believe that India is a holiday location I'd recommend to everyone."

Posted by Laeticia on March 3, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"I really enjoyed my time with Tucan Travel. I was travelling with Tucan Travel for 12 days from Lima to La Paz in January 2014. The tour was well-organised and contained a lot of adventures. I was surprised how fast the company reacted on my request, since I only booked 2-3 days in advance. I would recommend this company to everyone. The only thing which was a bit negative: I wasn't aware that the food wasn't included, so just make sure to have enough money with you."

Posted by Yannick on March 3, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"An experience dreams are made of! The itinerary for South America was incredible, every day was an adventure with so much to see and do. Although it was a budget expedition, I could not fault the campsites, hostels and hotels used; they were all of good quality and comfort with numerous opportunities to upgrade at a very small fee (in some cases just a few pounds), if desired. The bookings team were brilliant and very patient and understanding with my numerous questions. All the literature provided was useful and explained everything in detail. The transport was a lot more comfortable than expected, with very comfy reclining seats, a music system and sockets to charge equipment. The food cooked on the road and suggested restaurants were very good, so much so that I put on a fair few pounds from all the tasty food. The optional tours were very good, mostly at fair prices but in a few cases greater than those sold by other companies. No day was boring and the chosen places to explore were certainly the highlights of the countries visited. I strongly recommend this company and itinerary and I've come away with so many amazing memories and good friends. The only reason I gave 4 instead of 5 stars is our tour leader could have been a little more enthusiastic and obliging to the group to make the experience truly memorable. However, en route we did meet other tour leaders and I would highly recommend them by what their group members were saying."

Posted by Jenny on March 3, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"My trip to South America on Tucan Travel's Conquistador was the first time that I had travelled as part of an organised group. I have travelled fairly extensively under my own steam but wanted to maximise the range of experiences in a relatively short time of five weeks as well as having the ready-made companionship of the others that made up the group. Going with an organised group really does take you to many places that you probably wouldn't pick for yourself and the Gringo trail certainly has a lot to offer. My personal observations are that it would have been nice to have a rest day in Cusco after the Inca trail and to have one day less in San Pedro de Atacama. I would recommend Tucan Travel for overall organisation, general quality of accommodation and tour interest but as I don't have a point of comparison, I can't say that they are the best or worst."

Posted by Rob on March 3, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Exceptional adventure tour. Burma is amazing; the logistics worked brilliantly and we got to see and do so much in our time there. We had a nice blend of structured activities and free time. Our guide, Pai, was outstanding and should be commended for managing 10 independent, well-travelled women who collectively probably had 150 years' life experience over him! His knowledge of the Burmese culture and history was exceptional. He did all he could to cater for our interests and needs. I would recommend this Tucan Travel tour to anyone who is used to adventure travel and not looking for the luxurious (or overly commercialised) experience of Burma. It was the cheapest operator when we booked it, and had the best dates. I would look at Tucan Travel again for future trips."

Posted by Sarah on March 3, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Clean, comfortable and central - Tucan Travel accommodation tends to be at older hotels that are well maintained, clean and close to the action. Free Wifi was always available which is a necessity for today's traveller. I have travelled with them throughout Africa, Central America and South East Asia. The tour guides were always friendly and well informed about all trip details including where to eat, drink and optional excursions. Though they might not have all the bells and whistles like other tour companies, they tick all the boxes for a budget-minded traveller who wants to experience the cultures and customs of foreign places with preset excursions, as well as having the option for other experiences. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tucan Travel to fellow travellers."

Posted by Tracey on Feb 24, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"A great tour, my third tour with Tucan Travel. This time, for three weeks in Morocco. It was all I expected it to be. A small group of 14 people and despite age differences, we all got along so well. The places we visited during the three-week tour were varied and interesting. The accommodation was excellent, some quirky, some a little luxurious. Our guide, Mohammed, went out of his way to exceed the group's expectations. I did not hear one complaint about him. We had ample spare time to do our own individual exploring. I recommend Tucan Travel for excellent value travel."

Posted by Kayleen on Feb 20, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Travel you can afford! We have travelled with Tucan Travel twice since 2011. The first time in South America in Nov & Dec and the second time in Sept & Oct 2013. Both tours were affordable budget-style trips staying in moderate hotels. The tour guides for both were very informative, experienced and good mixers with the varying age groups on the tours. We had more information given to us about day to day places, than on any other tour operators of a similar standard. In South America, we travelled on Tucan Travel vehicles which were well-equipped, comfortable, reliable and well-driven by a competent driver. If I see a Tucan Travel trip that is operating in an area that we want to visit, they would always have our first preference!"

Posted by Keith on Feb 20, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Fantastic, friendly and professional! From the time we arrived in our hotel until our departure date, we felt like we were in safe hands with Tucan Travel. The tour guides were so friendly and informative. It meant our trip was completely stress-free, as everything was so well organised and everything ran so smoothly. The tour guides were willing to organise all of our excursions and we met some really nice people on our trip. I would definitely recommend Tucan Travel. Doing a trip with Tucan Travel means that you don't waste any time trying to find good places to eat/stay/visit - everything is mapped out for you! Loved it."

Posted by Hazel on Feb 20, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Local-style group travel rocks! A great way to see Central America, as you use local buses and stay in great locations. Room-mates are rotated, which means less cliques are made in the group and you get to know people better. Central America is corrupt and sometimes on the trips we felt that we had been taken advantage of, but overall a great trip that I would recommend."

Posted by Karen on Feb 14, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Busy tour with many beautiful locations. One of the few tour companies that do Eastern Europe - note that it is a public transport tour and not private minibus where you basically use any and all forms of transport (including walking). Nice people on the tour, and the biggest age range that I've been on (had people between 23 and 80). Tour leaders were wonderful, friendly and well organised, did not understand why they had to share accommodation with the people on the tour rather than having their own room, especially as they still had to organise and do work. Accommodation was a bit of a hit and miss at times and at full price I think the tour is overpriced, however Tucan Travel often offer discounts which make it better value. Overall, I will definitely consider using again."

Posted by Anonymous on Feb 05, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Do it! Tucan Travel is an adventure, don't think too hard about it, as Tucan Travel are there to do that for you. Taking the hassle out of travelling no matter if its a long trip or short trip - sometimes its nice not having to think about where to go next and how to get there, where is safe to eat or what to do with your day! Hassle-free travel with great guides and great people."

Posted by Kiwi on Feb 3, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"The trip of a lifetime! The other members of the tour, the tour leader, the organisation - everything was pretty bloody awesome. Peru is a beautiful country but so different to home. Thanks to Tucan Travel, it never felt like anything but the perfect holiday. We had three guides throughout our trip, but everyone looked after us. The company picked the best sites and value for money was first class. Simply, perfect."

Posted by Kellie on Jan 27, 2014 on trustpilot.com

"Wonders of India and Nepal is a really good choice. In short time you have the chance to visit two beautiful countries, the group was great(different ages and nationalities)and the tour leaders were always there to assist us!!!I would do it again!"

Posted by Silvia on Jan 10, 2014 via post tour questionnaire

"Simply Fantastic! I have just come back from the 54 day Tucan Travel tour, Cape to Gorillas. Before I booked, I googled reviews for this company. What I learnt, after looking at other companies, is that reviews are 50-50. Yes, some trips, for whatever reason, will be bad. Others will be good. So, with this in mind, I went ahead and booked with Tucan Travel. Basically, I don't think I can praise this company, it's staff, and trip enough. Our team leader was superb, and the trainee team leader that joined us later in the trip was an excellent team leader in the making. Everything on the trip went like clock work, thanks to our team leader's knowledge and experience. Even when I lost my wallet in the Victoria Falls, she gave me her mobile to call my bank to cancel my bank card. Her enthusiasm ( from creating a birthday party for me and another traveller, to having a Halloween party at a campsite) was amazing. This all helped go towards the whole holiday experience. As for Tucan Travel themselves, the booking was easy, and they quickly answered any questions that I had in the run up to the trip. Basically, I cannot find one single fault with my trip, or with Tucan Travel."

Posted by Ronnie on Dec 3, 2013 on trustpilot.com

"I went on the Bex South American Explorer with guides Fabiana and Nienka. I had a really wonderful time during the 112 days. Also want to mention that Alfonso the driver was superb. So much more then just a driver. He is a real credit to Tucan Travel and a valuable asset. The Bex tour is a brilliant way to get around South America."

Posted by Shane on Dec 2, 2013 on reviews.co.uk

"We completed the Sacred Valley and Inca Trail trip with Tucan Travel. It was a 7 day 6 night trip and all the accommodation and most of the meals were provided in the price.

The guides provided were very friendly and very knowledgeable and the 2 guides stayed with the group for the whole trip. The setup of the hike was amazing, the porters were great and prepared delicious meals and prepared all the tents so when you arrive at the destination you could relax. I found the whole trip great value for money and would recommend Tucan Travel to anyone about to take on the Inca Trail."

Posted by Katie on Nov 28, 2013 on reviews.co.uk

"The Southern cross tour from Rio to Lima was an absolute splendid and magical tour. So much fun and gained so much knowledge and understanding toward other cultures. Our tour leader Beth and driver Mike did an absolute amazing job the whole way. Loved it."

Posted by Damien on Nov 27, 2013 via post tour questionnaire

"Great tour! Saw lots of animals including rare sightings of African Wild Dogs, leopard and cheetah. Well looked after by our tour leader and our excellent driver. Lots to see and do with many options for all tastes and interests.

Good varied and delicious heathly meals. Well organised and good value. Like it all. Third and fourth tours start next April, 2014"

Posted by Dennis on Nov 22, 2013 via post tour questionnaire

"I enjoyed having accommodation & travel all taken care of, while having the freedom during the day to do as I liked. By going out by myself, i got to explore more. The accommodation was basic, but adequate. And it was good to travel using local transportation. It provided a feeling of being part of the culture...just a bit. I appreciated being a part of a small group. There were enough people for company, without the big group mentality."

Posted by Nancy on Nov 20, 2013 on reviews.co.uk

"Totally exceeded my expectations. Accommodation was of a good standard. Food was always tasty. Excursions were always interesting and worth seeing. Mostly though the success of the trip was down to a great group and a really excellent leader and driver. Chloe was fantastic. Her local knowledge, ability to speak the language and ability to cook delicious meals were particular strengths."

Posted by Chris on Nov 20, 2013 via post tour questionnaire

"i really enjoyed my holiday (mayan circle through mexico, guatemala and belize). i haven't done anything like this since my student days and was travelling on my own. i'm 50. we had a great itinerary and although it certainly says that many trips are optional i don't think that i had quite appreciated the magnitude of the extra expense. some of the trips were also charged at a premium compared with other operators - we paid twice as much to see whale sharks for example as some other people on the same boat. it was a keenly priced trip and some of the accommodation reflected this at very much the economy end of the spectrum. overall i would recommend but with qualifications and i would advise seeklng out alternatives for the optional trips and saving some money - i would not accept the advice of the tour guide at face value"

Posted by Louise on Nov 19, 2013 via reviews.co.uk

"We weren't sure what we were getting ourselves into with this trip, we prepared the best we could with the info provided, which worked good. In the end the trip was awesome!! The area was stunning, the people were kind, and the tour leaders were amazing! We got extra lucky, we had Paul our main tour leader and he was training Angel a second leader, both were wonderful people who made us feel very safe."

Posted by Christopher on Nov 17, 2013 via post tour questionnaire

"It was a very on the go tour which enabled me to see quite a lot in a short amount of time. Our guide was lovely. Leena always had a smile on her face. Vesna in Slovakia was one of my favourite stays. The couple were lovely."

Posted by Courtenay on Nov 16, 2013 via post tour questionnaire

"The trip leader and co leader were well organized, polite, and friendly. They made the trip a pleasant experience. It was a plus that they were fluent in the language of the country and we could go to them for help anytime. I am talking about Becky and Helen. I liked the Itinerary because we could learn about the people and country while also having fun moments. If I choose to take another trip next summer I would mostly likely book with Tucan Travel."

Posted by Samuel on Nov 16, 2013 via reviews.co.uk


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