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Peru, South America

South America is filled with mystery, tradition and outdoor adventures in abundance. Explore ancient Inca ruins, hike the challenging Inca Trail, view the Nazca Lines, meet local people in rural villages and bargain for hand-made crafts in bustling markets. Over such a large continent, there is so much to see from the windswept national parks of Patagonia, only accessible in winter to the tropical beaches of Colombia which bask in warmth year round. Nature lovers will thrill at the diversity of wildlife in the Amazon Jungle, Pantanal wetlands, the Galápagos Islands, Los Llanos plains, Colca Canyon and Lake Titicaca, not forgetting the national parks of Patagonia. Colonial Spanish towns are nestled deep in the mountains while Inca ruins sit on the beaches. The great white continent of Antarctica is considered the last frontier of travel by many adventure seekers. Join an expedition cruise which allows you to travel in the wake of some of history’s great polar explorers, and become one of the lucky few to have set foot on the southern most continent of the world.

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  • Ibera0002

    An Argentina adventure tour will help you discover the second largest country in South America. There is massive variety on ...

  • Bolivia - Uyuni salt flats, guest climbing the peruvian pan pipes

    Located in the very heart of South America, join a Bolivia adventure tour to discover its extremely varied, rugged landscapes ...

  • Rio0014

    Take a Brazil adventure tour to discover the amazing lengthy white-sand coastline, meet friendly and diverse peoples and enjoy fantastic ...

  • Chile - Torres del Paine NP sunset over the horns from camping Pehoe, our Tucan campsite

    Stretching half the length of the continent, our Chile adventure tours allow you to see this land of rugged natural ...

  • Cartagena0001

    On a Colombia adventure tour you will discover the Andes mountain range running from north to south through the length ...

  • ecuador_galapagos_giant_tortoise

    The second smallest country of South America offers diversity second to none. An Ecuador adventure tour takes you from the ...

  • french-guiana-small

    French Guiana, bordering Brazil and Suriname is one of the most unique countries on the coast of South America. ...

  • galapagos0005

    Tucan Travel is an adventure travel specialist offering group tours to Galapagos and destinations worldwide. We offer travel styles to ...

  • guayana-small

    The exciting country of Guyana, famed for its distinctive Caribbean culture is a must see gem of South America. ...

  • Paraguay - Ascuncion numberplate

    Take a Paraguay adventure tour to this landlocked country bordered by Argentina, Bolivia and Brazil, and particularly known for its ...

  • patagonia-small

    Located in southern Argentina and Chile, Patagonia is a large windswept region, relatively untouched and remote. The region is difficult ...

  • Machu0318

    One of our most popular destinations in South America, our Peru adventure tours offer a remarkable variety of experiences, from ...

  • suriname-small

    Suriname is colourful country special for its wide mix of ethnic diversity and all-encompassing activities. Situated in along the coastal ...

  • montevideo_-_uruguay

    Take a Uruguay adventure tour and discover why this country was once South America’s private playground, catering for Argentine, Brazilian ...

  • Cuidad0002

    Teeming with wildlife including birds, caimans and giant anacondas, our Venezuela adventure tours visit Los Llanos wetlands which are a ...

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"I went to South America for 6 weeks in November 2014. I found the booking process easy, the members of staff helpful and friendly and the trip itself to be really memorable. The tour leader on my trip was fantastic and would have done anything for us to make it more enjoyable. I'd definitely sign up with Tucan Travel again in the future and would recommend them to anyone."

Received January 2015

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