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Taking any China adventure tour is like travelling through the centuries of history that have shaped this historic land, while at the same time witnessing the rapid rate of which the modern face of China is changing. Our extensive China adventure tours give you the chance to explore the capital, Beijing, then hike along the famous Great Wall of China located several hours outside the city.

Walk the Great Wall

Take your own slow boat in China on a cruise down the Yangtze. You could also visit the tallest stone Buddha statue in the world on a China adventure tour and explore picturesque rural towns with friendly locals. Visit some of China’s best highlights such as the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square and the Terracotta Warriors. You can also discover a piece of Tibetan culture in Lhasa and take in fantastic views of the stunning Himalayas. So join Tucan Travel on your China adventure tour and experience this amazing country through the locals’ eyes with our knowledgeable guides!


Enquire About This Tour Code RCHHK Hong Kong Express

Duration: 2 Days Route: Hong Kong to Hong Kong Style: Add-ons Level: Standard Price: US$399.00


At the crossroads between East and West, Hong Kong is one of the most exciting cities in the world. It has a stunning harbour location, gleaming skyscrapers and revels in the reputation of a city that never sleeps. The territory's 5 million inhabitants spend their time either furiously making money or furiously spending it. Hong Kong also has good museums, numerous markets, great seafood, restaurants, bars and nightlife.

Enquire About This Tour Code RCHKM Kunming

Duration: 3 Days Route: Kunming to Kunming Style: Add-ons Level: Standard Price: US$469.00


Kunming, an ancient cultural city and home of many of China’s ethnic minorities, is the capital of Yunnan Province. The name ‘Yunnan’ actually means ‘Beyond the Clouds’ in Chinese. This is perhaps quite apt, for Kunming sits at an elevation of some 1,900 m. Kunming is surrounded by gorgeous mountain scenery including the unique Stone Forest which comprises of unique 270-million-year-old limestone karst formations.

Enquire About This Tour Code RCHGZ Guangzhou

Duration: 3 Days Route: Guangzhou to Hong Kong Style: Add-ons Level: Standard Price: US$549.00


Sitting on Pearl River, Guangzhou, formally known as Canton, is the capital of Guangdong Province and a vibrant city with attractions including Shamian Island, Chen Family Temple, the tomb of the King of Southern Yue, parks, gardens and markets. As a long established trading port, this city has a very long history. Visit the riverfront shops on Yangjiang Road and enjoy some of the famous Catonese cuisine, known throughout the world.

Enquire About This Tour Code RCHNJ Nanjing

Duration: 3 Days Route: Shanghai to Shanghai Style: Add-ons Level: Standard Price: US$639.00


Nanjing, capital of imperial China under the early Ming dynasty and of Republican China under the nationalists from 1911 to 1949 is a great city that offers an even mix of imperial and revolutionary China. Famed for its City Wall which is one of the longest in the world, Nanjing offers many points of interest, including the impressive Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the great pioneer of the Chinese Revolution.

Enquire About This Tour Code RCHGY Guilin and Yangshou

Duration: 3 Days Route: Guilin to Yangshou Style: Add-ons Level: Standard Price: US$639.00


Renowned for it’s striking, if bizarre scenery - vast areas of karst limestone outcrops that rise up from flat rice paddy fields, Guilin is often the subject of Chinese painting. The Lijiang River cruise is a true pleasure that offers an endless procession of peaks and simple villages. Charming Yangshuo, a river town lined with cafes and little shops selling handicrafts, clothing and curios, offers gentle respite far from the madding crowds of the cities.

Enquire About This Tour Code RCHDT Datong

Duration: 4 Days Route: Beijing to Beijing Style: Add-ons Level: Standard Price: US$639.00


An ancient cultural city dating back more than 2,000 years, Datong is located in Northern Shanxi Province. The Datong region’s biggest attraction is the UNESCO-listed Yungang Caves. Built more than 1,500 years ago, the 53 caves are a treasure trove of ancient Buddhist art comprising a fine collection of carved-sandstone Buddhist figures. In all, some 51,000 statues were created, though today there aren’t quite as many.

Enquire About This Tour Code RCHYM Yellow Mountain

Duration: 5 Days Route: Shanghai to Shanghai Style: Add-ons Level: Standard Price: US$949.00


Considered the most beautiful mountain in China, Yellow Mountain or Huangshan is one of a range of 72 peaks in Anhui Province. Set amidst rural landscapes and with its slopes clad in pine, the ethereal scenery is nothing short of breathtaking. Some 9,000 steps have been carved into the mountain, for those that want to walk up the most stunning stairwell on Earth, or you can take the cable car.

Enquire About This Tour Code JGCCE China Express

Duration: 7 Days Route: Beijing to Beijing Style: Adventure Tours Price: US$1,499.00


Delve into the tradition, turmoil and controversy that have characterised this country throughout history as you explore the two great cities of Beijing and Xi'an. A visit to the Forbidden City will take you back to a time of emperors and courtesans while confronting the Terracotta Warriors will make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

Enquire About This Tour Code JGCGW Great Wall & Warriors

Duration: 9 Days Route: Beijing to Shanghai Style: Adventure Tours Price: US$1,799.00


The juxtapositions on this tour couldn't be starker. In Beijing ancient wonders such as the Forbidden City sit amongst the bustle of modern-day China. Going inland we journey into the heartland where daily life follows centuries-old tradition, before we end in Shanghai where the future is seemingly already here.

Enquire About This Tour Code JGCCC Chinese Checkers

Duration: 11 Days Route: Beijing to Shanghai Style: Adventure Tours Price: US$1,999.00


This is a complete checker board of China's history, culture, sights and experiences. Jump back through the centuries from old Beijing and the eternal Great Wall, to the giant Buddha statues at Longmen Caves, then forward again into 21st century Shanghai.

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"We completed the Sacred Valley and Inca Trail trip with Tucan. It was a 7 day 6 night trip and all the accommodation and most of the meals were provided in the price. The guides provided were very friendly and very knowledgeable and the 2 guides stayed with the group for the whole trip. The setup of the hike was amazing, the porters were great and prepared delicious meals and prepared all the tents so when you arrive at the destination you could relax. I found the whole trip great value for money and would recommend Tucan to anyone about to take on the Inca Trail."

Posted on Nov 28, 2013 on reviews.co.uk

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