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  • South America

    Peru, South America

    South America is filled with mystery, tradition and outdoor adventures in abundance. Explore ancient Inca ruins, hike the challenging Inca Trail, view the Nazca Lines, meet local people in rural villages and bargain for hand-made crafts in bustling markets. Over such a large continent, there is so much to see from the windswept national parks of Patagonia, only accessible in winter to the tropical beaches of Colombia which bask in warmth year round. Nature lovers will thrill at the diversity of wildlife in the Amazon Jungle, Pantanal wetlands, the Galápagos Islands, Los Llanos plains, Colca Canyon and Lake Titicaca, not forgetting the national parks of Patagonia. Colonial Spanish towns are nestled deep in the mountains while Inca ruins sit on the beaches. The great white continent of Antarctica is considered the last frontier of travel by many adventure seekers. Join an expedition cruise which allows you to travel in the wake of some of history’s great polar explorers, and become one of the lucky few to have set foot on the southern most continent of the world.

  • Asia & Russia

    Asia Tours

    An adventure in Asia and Russia could take you from soaring mountains to broad white sand beaches, busy modern capitals to remote tribal villages, sacred temples to towering monuments, all within a week or two. But if you have time to spare, you can get right under the skin of this fascinating region. Explore enigmatic Russia’s turbulent history through two contrasting capitals. Experience the nomadic culture of Mongolia in a rural ger camp. Follow the mighty Trans Mongolian railway all the way through Siberia to China, where you can discover ancient cities and stunning gorges. Witness India’s tigers, Taj Mahal, sacred cows and fortified towns. Trek through breathtaking mountain scenery in Nepal, then tap into the energy of South East Asia with its bustling cities, lush tropical forests, tea plantations and sun-drenched islands.

  • Central America

    central america tours

    In Central America discover atmospheric colonial cities and explore temples of ancient civilisations like Tikal, Palenque and Copán. Central America’s colourful culture varies from region to region from the Caribbean feel of Belize to the Mayan cultures of Guatemala and Mexico. Bask on the broad white sands of Caribbean beaches, shop in colourful highland markets, salsa the night away in Old Havana and delve into the wild green areas of Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Panama. Search for Jaguars and climb volcanoes, swim with turtles and watch glorious sunsets from colourful hammocks and quiet secluded islands. Soar the world’s first zip-lines and sail across one of the seven engineering wonders of the world. Enjoy the coffee from Costa Rica, chocolate from Guatemala, tequila from Mexico and seafood throughout.

  • Africa

    Africa tours

    If colourful landscapes, incredible wildlife encounters and fascinating people are what you look for on overland tours, Africa is your ideal destination. You won’t have to look hard to find zebras, wildebeest and giraffes spilling across the vast grasslands of Africa’s diverse national parks. On one of our Africa tours you will witness nature in all her savage glory as predators stalk their prey. See red-robed Masai warriors herding their precious cattle across the plains.  Watch incredible flocks of flamingos crowding the shores of Lake Nakuru and feel the spray of the mighty Victoria Falls on your face during one of our unforgettable tours.  Africa is home to lush rainforest, and on one of our Africa tours you will meet a family of mountain gorillas in Uganda's Bwindi National Park. What's more, the cities of Africa have a lot to offer culture lovers, including cosmopolitan Cape Town with its amazing markets, wonderful museums and stunning sea views.

  • Europe

    Europe tours

    Eastern Europe’s diversity truly offers something for everyone, from its well-known attractions to its newly emerging destinations. By day you can visit sophisticated cities and quiet villages, art galleries and museums, cathedrals and castles, Roman ruins, historic monuments, varied architecture and street cafés. By night you can enjoy lively bars and excellent restaurants, then dance the night away in vibrant night clubs. For those who can’t resist the lure of nature, the idyllic sunlit coastline of Croatia, the breathtaking alpine scenery of Slovakia and the icy wildernesses of the Arctic will prove irresistible. From a brief trip to an extensive adventure through 18 countries in 57 days, there is a Europe adventure for you.

  • Middle East

    Middle East tours

    The allure of the Middle East and North Africa lies in its rich cultural heritage. Over the millennia, countless civilisations have left their mark in the arid deserts, leaving behind intriguing ruins and cities which seem to be almost lost in time. During your journey you can explore bustling medieval bazaars and trade banter with stall holders selling artisanal handcrafts, exotic spices and rich tapestries. Discover ancient temples, towering pyramids, intricately decorated mosques and ornate churches. Wander the cobbled streets of an ancient medina and hear the call to prayer drifting over the rooftops as donkey carts clatter over narrow cobbled streets past aromatic shisha houses. You may even have the chance to enjoy the traditional hospitality of desert nomads and sleep under the stars.

  • Antarctica

    Antarctica Cruises

    Some of the harshest environments on earth, Antarctica is also the most peaceful and undiscovered with only the most aptly adapted creatures living on the frozen plains. Only navigable by specialist expedition cruises designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, on board our specialist boats are highly trained, experienced professionals to teach and advise you on how to get the most of your Antarctica adventure.

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"One of the best ways to do South America! Stunning sights, unbelievably knowledge tour and local guides and time well spent with lifelong friends. An experience like no other."

Received March 2014

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