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Tailor-made Tours

Tailor-made Tours

Tailor-made travel concept

If you want the flexibility and freedom to design your own personalised tour itinerary in South East Asia or South America, then the Tailor-made Tours travel style is the perfect holiday choice for you.

Whether it’s your honeymoon, a family adventure or your annual vacation, we take the time to understand exactly what you want from your adventure holiday and then put together your ideal itinerary to match. Our Tailor-made Tours also offer a great alternative if you are looking to do something different for a group of employees, colleagues or students, either as a reward or team-building adventure.

Our many example itineraries are a great way to get you started, offering you inspiration and suggesting travel ideas. From here our expert travel consultants will design the perfect adventure holiday for you.

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Choose Your Destination



If colourful landscapes, incredible wildlife encounters and fascinating people are what you look for on overland tours, Africa is your ideal destination. You won’t have to look hard to find zebras, wildebeest and giraffes spilling across the vast grasslands of Africa’s diverse national parks. On one of our Africa tours you will witness nature in all her savage glory as predators stalk their prey.



Adventures in Asia could take you from soaring mountains to broad white sand beaches, bustling ancient capitals to remote tribal villages, sacred temples to breath-taking monuments, all within a week or two and all with an amazing new type of food to try. However long you have, you can get right under the skin of this fascinating region and discover the real Asia.


Central America

Central America is the place to discover atmospheric colonial cities and explore wondrous temples belonging to ancient civilizations. From basking on the white-sand Caribbean beaches, dancing nights away in rural cantinas and delving into the wild green forests rich with wildlife, an adventure in Central America is as rewarding as they come.



Eastern Europe’s diversity truly offers something for everyone. By day you can visit sophisticated cities and quiet villages, art galleries and museums, cathedrals and castles, Roman ruins, historic monuments, varied architecture and street cafés. By night you can enjoy lively bars and excellent restaurants, then dance the night away in vibrant night clubs.


Middle East

Welcome to the Middle East, a region that is saturated in historical treasures and rich in modern-day cultural charm. Whether you are wending your way through hidden alleyways in a Moroccan souk, sailing down Egypt’s Nile River, or approaching Petra on the back of a camel, you’re bound to discover something fascinating at every turn.


South America

This fascinating continent is bursting with rich local traditions and outdoor adventure. Explore ancient ruins in stunning settings, interact with warm locals in rural villages and lose yourself in pulsating cities. From steamy jungles and beaches in the north all the way south to the windswept steppes of Patagonia, this is a land full of adventure.


The Polar Regions

From jagged mountains to sweeping tundra in the Arctic, to the vast frozen continent of Antarctica, the poles offer a world of exhilarating scenery. See sea birds and solitary polar bears roam rugged coastlines in the Arctic, while Antarctica is home to a variety of wildlife from penguins and other birds to orca, blue, and humpback whales.


Customer Reviews


"One of the best ways to do South America! Stunning sights, unbelievably knowledge tour and local guides and time well spent with lifelong friends. An experience like no other."

Received March 2014

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