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Why join a Budget Expedition?

  • 28 years experience offering award winning tours worldwide
  • Travel in the company of young, fun and like-minded people
  • Choose your own activities and create a trip that suits you and your budget
  • Passionate tour leaders and local specialist guides

Tour Suitability

Our Budget Expeditions are specifically designed for 18-35 year old, fun like-minded individuals looking for the trip of a lifetime without breaking the bank. Part of the joy of travelling is meeting and getting to know new people and for many, it is equally important to travel with people where connections and common-ground is easy to find. This is why we limit the age of travellers on our Budget Expeditions to those within the 18-35 age range, to ensure that all passengers get what they are looking for our of their tour.

Local Payment

The group tour price of all of our Budget Expeditions is divided into a set amount paid before departure and a compulsory local payment which is made to your tour leader in US$ cash at the group meeting on the first day of your tour. The local payment amount is found on the tour price page and will be printed on your invoice and tour voucher. Our brochures are updated in September/October each year and the local payment you will pay will be that published at the time of your departure. For more information on what the local payment includes, click here.


Budget Expeditions involve many walks between bus or train terminals and hotels, so travellers must be able to carry their own luggage over various terrains, as well as lift luggage on to the tops of buses. We therefore recommend backpacks over suitcases, as you may be off the beaten track every now and again. It is important that you only pack what you can comfortably carry. By packing less you will have a more enjoyable tour and have more room in your luggage for souvenirs! On tours that include flights, Tucan Travel will cover the cost of your checked baggage up to 20kg, even in cases where the airline policy is lower. All baggage over 20kg may still be checked, but charges will be the responsibility of the traveller.

Asia or South America

The style of travel you can expect from your Budget Expeditions tour varies depending on the region you are travelling through. For Asia, click here and for South America, click here.

  • South America

  • Accommodation

    Our overland vehicles carry all the necessary equipment to ensure that camping is well organised and fun! We provide everything from the tents to the frying pan. All you have to bring are sleeping bags and mats. Campsites vary from established sites with good facilities to occasional free-camping in the wild. As our vehicles come equipped with kitchenware, a barbecue and an external sound system, every night on the road can be a party.

    In major cities and towns, we stay in small hotels, hostels and guesthouses, on a shared basis which are usually situated close to the main sights and nightlife. On optional excursions and on the ferry down the Amazon River, accommodation may vary from hammocks to dorms.


    The majority of travelling time in South America is spent on our modern, comfortable, custom built overland vehicles. On some optional excursions you will use locally hired vehicles or public transport. Our overland vehicles have been engineered to deal with challenging terrain so they can take mountains, deserts and even rivers in their stride. Our overland vehicles vary according to destination, year and model. Find out more about our overland vehicles here.

    Driving Times: Hold on to your horses as driving times in South America can vary from a couple of hours to a full day on the road. This time spent travelling is unavoidable but you will not be disappointed once you arrive.


    While on the road in South America, fresh food is purchased locally. It is our policy to buy the best and freshest ingredients available. Meals when camping and lunched on travel days are included and they are prepared by group members with the help of your tour leader.


    Excursions to Machu Picchu, the Amazon Jungle from Peru and Rio Carnival must be booked in advance. Everything else can be booked locally and your tour dossier will have a list of excursions available.

    Group Size

    Average: 15-24 (Max 34)


    In South America you will be accompanied by a tour leader and driver

    What's not included?

    International flights, optional excursions, visas, contingency route expenses, excursion supplements, passports, vaccinations, airport and border taxes, tips and non-included meals.

  • Asia
  • Accommodation

    Depending on the tour, the accommodation we use is generally the equivalent in comfort of a two to three star hotel. We stay in small hotels, hostels and guesthouses which are usually situated close to the main sights and town centres. They are chosn for their atmosphere rather than star rating and we look for attributes like character, location, ambience and security.

    You will find comfortable rooms mostly with en-suire facilities and often with a bar or restaurant attached or nearby. We like to get off the beaten track, taking you to some remote destinations where you may find services will besporadic with no hot water or central heating. Bathrooms may also be shared.


    See the world in an authentic way and travel the way local people do. In Asia our Budget Expeditions use a variety of public and private transport depending on the country or region we are travelling in. Vehicles can range from buses filled with locals and their many possessions to private minibuses, comfortable coaches, regional flights, overnight trains, buses speedboats and tuk-tuks. At times, we might even walk from the local bus terminal.

    Travel Times: Pack that pillow as travel days vary in length from a couple of hours to a full day's travel on various forms of transport. We make sure to add short travel days and non travel days in between the long journeys.


    Meals are generally not included on Budget Expeditions in Asia although there are a few exceptions. If you have any dietary requirements, please let your tour leader know at the beginning of the trip and they will do their best to accommodate you.


    You can book your optional excursions once you are on tour with the help of your tour leader. Your tour dossier will have a full list of excursions available.

    Group Size

    Average: 12 (Max 18)


    In Asia you will be accompanied by a tour leader.

    What's not included?

    International flights, optional excursions, visas, contingency route expenses, excursion supplements, passports, vaccinations, airport and border taxes, tips and non-included meals.


    Customer Reviews


    "Our guide, Sal, was amazing and the range of places we visited was well-selected. By the end of the tour, our group felt like a small family. Tucan Travel was an awesome way to see Peru on limited time."

    Received March 2015

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