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    About Tucan Travel's Budget Expeditions (18-35's)

    Budget Expeditions (18-35's)

    Make new friends aged between 18 and 35

    Budget Expeditions (18-35's)

    Get more for your moolah by travelling on a budget

    Budget Expeditions (18-35's)

    Build your own trip with lots of optional activities

    Budget Expeditions (18-35's)

    Get down with nature camping in South America

    Budget Expeditions (18-35's)

    Rest your head in small local hotels in Asia

    Budget Expeditions (18-35's)

    Be led by an experienced tour leader

    If you want to travel with other young, fun and like-minded people, then Budget Expeditions are the travel style for you. Our tours aim to unite you will other adventure seekers, explorers and fun-seekers from all over the world on a mission to find themselves, have as much fun as possible and broaden their horizons. You can rest assured that on a Budget Expeditions tour, you’ll be with a great bunch of people who are near the same age and on the same wavelength as you, all geared up for the experience of a lifetime.

    Budget Expeditions are all about choice and flexibility. We want you to pay as little as possible for the tour so you have more to spend when you are out there so that you can create a trip that suits your personality and budget. Budget Expeditions do not include excursions meaning you only have to budget for the optional excursions that you really want to do. You can see a full list of excursions on your detailed itinerary.


Enquire About This Tour Code BXWU Wat's Up Cambodia?

Duration: 8 Days Route: Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh City Style: Budget Expeditions (18-35s) Price: US$479.00

Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

Wat's up Cambodia? On this short tour you will answer that question visiting some of Cambodia's cultural and historical gems. From the town of Siem Reap where you can visit Angkor Wat, to Phnom Penh where you can visit the genocide museum, Cambodia will shock and delight you with beauty after beauty.

Birthday Budget Expeditions Sale on selected departures

Enquire About This Tour Code BXGT Golden Triangle

Duration: 8 Days Route: Delhi to Delhi Style: Budget Expeditions (18-35s) Price: US$639.00


This short trip travels the famous route of India's golden triangle and you can discover why these cities are so popular. Visit the pink city of Jaipur with its famous Hawa Mahal, the palace of winds, temples, markets, forts and palaces to take a step back in time. Then continue to Agra, home of the Taj Mahal, where you can visit what is perhaps the most romantic monument in the world. Each city carrying a different identity and atmosphere.

Birthday Budget Expeditions Sale on selected departures

Enquire About This Tour Code BXVD Vietnam Discovered

Duration: 9 Days Route: Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi Style: Budget Expeditions (18-35s) Price: US$599.00


From the remarkable rice paddies spreading as far as the eye can see to the sun-kissed beaches of Nha Trang, Vietnam is a pleasure-seeker’s paradise. But Vietnam has more to offer than stunning natural beauty. Be charmed by the imperial city of Hué with its ancient tombs and temples, while Hoi An’s old town features many beautiful historic buildings. Experience the hospitality of local people then strike a bargain in Ho Chi Minh City’s bustling markets.

Birthday Budget Expeditions Sale on selected departures

Enquire About This Tour Code BXDK Delhi to Kathmandu Express

Duration: 13 Days Route: Delhi to Kathmandu Style: Budget Expeditions (18-35s) Price: US$749.00

India, Nepal

This unique, action-packed tour shows you the highlights of both India and Nepal. You can explore the bustling markets of Delhi, marvel at the Taj Mahal, taste tea in Darjeeling and watch the sun rise over the mighty Himalayas. This tour will leave you with a lasting impression of the fascinating history of these countries and the spirituality of their people.

Birthday Budget Expeditions Sale on selected departures

Enquire About This Tour Code BXLT Laos & Tribal Thailand

Duration: 14 Days Route: Hanoi to Bangkok Style: Budget Expeditions (18-35s) Price: US$869.00

Vietnam, Laos, Thailand

This tour takes off immediately with a flight from Hanoi and descends into the depths of the South East Asian jungle. It is easy to immerse yourself in the fascinating culture that the region has to offer. This tour touches some of Laos and northern Thailand's greatest highlights allowing you to explore the hill tribes, travel by boat and embrace and fall for the stunning scenery and exotic surroundings of these fascinating countries.

Birthday Budget Expeditions Sale on selected departures

Enquire About This Tour Code BXFT Forts, Taj & Varanasi

Duration: 15 Days Route: Delhi to Delhi Style: Budget Expeditions (18-35s) Price: US$859.00


Ancient forts, colourful cities, friendly locals, traditional cuisines and holy lands will combine in an explosive assault on the senses on this epic adventure around India. Taking public transport across the country will give you a taste of the real energy of this fast-faced society that manages to stay connected to its spiritual and cultural heritage.

Birthday Budget Expeditions Sale on selected departures

Enquire About This Tour Code BXRV The Road to Vietnam

Duration: 16 Days Route: Bangkok to Hanoi Style: Budget Expeditions (18-35s) Price: US$1,059.00

Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

Be captivated by the famous Angkor Wat before entering Vietnam to indulge in authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Unwind on Vietnam's white sand breaches. We take in classic Vietnamese cities, coastal delights and colourful cultures. Immerse yourself in the different ways of life on your journey through the countries.

Birthday Budget Expeditions Sale on selected departures
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"I went to South America for 6 weeks in November 2014. I found the booking process easy, the members of staff helpful and friendly and the trip itself to be really memorable. The tour leader on my trip was fantastic and would have done anything for us to make it more enjoyable. I'd definitely sign up with Tucan Travel again in the future and would recommend them to anyone."

Received January 2015

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