Before You Go

Visa Guide

A rough guide for Tucan Travel destinations

We have compiled a brief summary of visa requirements for Tucan Travel’s destinations and advice on travel documents and visas. This is designed as a guide only and we recommend double checking information with embassy and consular websites.

Packing Lists

Money Saving Tips

Save money before and during your adventure

Don't let the so-called 'credit crunch' hold you back from taking the adventure of a lifetime! Tucan Travel staff have compiled this list of handy hints to help you make the most of your money before and during your travels so that you can enjoy your adventure holiday to the full.

Insurance Cover Required

Travel insurance is a necessity, not a luxury

All clients must have comprehensive travel insurance cover while travelling with us. Find out more about how much cover you need for your adventure and what policies are available through Tucan Travel.

Travel Health Advice

Stay healthy while you travel

Staying healthy while you travel isn't really rocket science and it isn't all about vaccinations and pills. Most problems you could face are easily preventable. Putting on sunscreen, drinking bottled, boiled or treated water, washing your hands properly before eating and carefully avoiding insect bites could save you a great deal of hassle.

Tour Suitability

Are You Ready for a Group Tour?

To ensure that you know what to expect when travelling on our group tours, our introduction to how tours work should help you decide whether a Tucan Travel Tour is right for you.

Local Payment

Why we have a local payment, what tours it applies to and how to pay it

Some of our group tours require a separate local payment, which goes directly to the local economies that we visit while on tour.