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If colourful landscapes, incredible wildlife encounters and fascinating people are what you look for on overland tours, Africa is your ideal destination. You won’t have to look hard to find zebras, wildebeest and giraffes spilling across the vast grasslands of Africa’s diverse national parks. On one of our Africa tours you will witness nature in all her savage glory as predators stalk their prey. See red-robed Masai warriors herding their precious cattle across the plains. Watch incredible flocks of flamingos crowding the shores of Lake Nakuru and feel the spray of the mighty Victoria Falls on your face during one of our unforgettable tours. Africa is home to lush rainforest, and on one of our Africa tours you will meet a family of mountain gorillas in Uganda's Bwindi National Park. What's more, the cities of Africa have a lot to offer culture lovers, including cosmopolitan Cape Town with its amazing markets, wonderful museums and stunning sea views.

Why do a group tour in Africa with Tucan Travel?

  • We're in hotels

    While we certainly appreciate a nice campsite, on our Worldwide Adventures, we use a combination of hotels, huts and guesthouses throughout. A better night's sleep means you get to make the most of those daylight hours.

  • World-class trucks

    We don't like to boast but our trucks are the biggest and the best on the road. Each one has a different personality and they are named after members of the Tucan Travel family. Their bright yellow colour make them easy to spot from a distance and you are often the envy of all around you..

  • We make safaris affordable

    Some of our shorter tours are really well priced and are packed with wildlife viewing opportunities from game drives to national parks. Safaris are often quite pricey but travelling on a truck brings the price down making that once in a lifetime adventure in reach.

  • Travel for as little or as long as you like

    In Africa, our tours range from 7 to 76 days long. Many of our short tours can be combined to form longer sections and with other travellers always joining you on your adventure, your tour will be filled with constant surprises.

  • Trips created by travellers

    Each one of our tours has been designed by people with extensive knowledge of Africa and the trips are often improved and tweaked to keep them fresh. Our staff are also some of the most passionate adventure travellers around and can answer questions on all things Africa.

Africa in One Week

Tour name Route From Price
Windhoek to Cape Town Windhoek to Cape Town Windhoek to Cape Town
7 Days
7 Days US$839 US$839 US$713
View Tour Right arrow
Morocco, Sahara & Beach Marrakech to Marrakech Marrakech to Marrakech
8 Days
8 Days US$619
View Tour Right arrow
Serengeti to Zanzibar Nairobi to Stone Town Nairobi to Stone Town
9 Days
9 Days US$1,879 US$1,879 US$1,597
View Tour Right arrow
Kilimanjaro - Machame Route Moshi to Moshi Moshi to Moshi
9 Days
9 Days US$2,739
View Tour Right arrow
Highlights of Morocco Marrakech to Marrakech Marrakech to Marrakech
9 Days
9 Days US$879
View Tour Right arrow

Africa in Two Weeks

Tour name Route From Price
Kenya, Rwanda & Uganda Nairobi to Nairobi Nairobi to Nairobi
12 Days
12 Days US$1,969 US$1,969 US$1,673
View Tour Right arrow
Botswana & Namibia Livingstone to Windhoek Livingstone to Windhoek
13 Days
13 Days US$1,519 US$1,519 US$1,291
View Tour Right arrow
Safari & Beach Nairobi to Stone Town Nairobi to Stone Town
13 Days
13 Days US$2,539 US$2,539 US$2,158
View Tour Right arrow
Best of Morocco Marrakech to Marrakech Marrakech to Marrakech
15 Days
15 Days US$1,079
View Tour Right arrow
Kruger to Vic Falls Pretoria to Livingstone Pretoria to Livingstone
14 Days
14 Days US$1,489 US$1,489 US$1,265
View Tour Right arrow

Africa in Three Plus Weeks

Tour name Route From Price
Rwanda to Zanzibar Kigali to Stone Town Kigali to Stone Town
21 Days
21 Days US$3,849 US$3,849 US$3,271
View Tour Right arrow
Vic Falls to Cape Town Livingstone to Cape Town Livingstone to Cape Town
19 Days
19 Days US$1,119 US$1,119 US$951
View Tour Right arrow
Southern Africa Adventure Pretoria to Cape Town Pretoria to Cape Town
31 Days
31 Days US$3,499 US$3,499 US$2,974
View Tour Right arrow
Highlights of Africa Nairobi to Cape Town Nairobi to Cape Town
53 Days
53 Days US$7,949 US$7,949 US$6,756
View Tour Right arrow
Safari, Gorillas & Beach Nairobi to Stone Town Nairobi to Stone Town
22 Days
22 Days US$4,159 US$4,159 US$3,535
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Exploring Africa by Road

One thing you should realise when travelling in Africa is that it’s a HUGE continent and it takes time to get from one sight to the next.  Many people come not having thought much about this and are shocked by the long days we spend driving to the next point of interest, but to me that’s what it’s all about, the driving is part of your whole experience..  Read more

The beauty of the Masai Mara

Imagine that it is 6am, the sun is just rising and your jeep is in the middle of the African Savannah. So many beautiful creatures surround you and this is the perfect time of day to see them. Giraffes and zebra make their way to watering holes where they are joined by elephants, buffalo and even lions!  Read more

Why everyone should explore Africa

Africa is this continent only 14 kilometers away from Europe through the Gibraltar Straight, but that feels very far from our western countries. It has everything that would make any traveller thrilled with excitement.  Read more

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