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An adventure in Asia could take you from soaring mountains to broad white sand beaches, busy modern capitals to remote tribal villages, sacred temples to towering monuments, all within a week or two. But if you have time to spare, you can get right under the skin of this fascinating region. In China, discover ancient cities and stunning gorges while in India you can witness the colossal Taj Mahal and colourful fortified towns. Trek through breathtaking mountain scenery in Nepal, or tap into the energy of South East Asia with its bustling cities, lush tropical forests, tea plantations and sun-drenched islands.

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Sunrise at Angkor Wat

Walking amongst a growing crowd on uneven ground at 5.30am in absolute darkness, I remind everyone that there’s water on their right-hand side – no-one can see it, there’s no current so you can’t hear it, but trust me it’s best not to veer too far over to the right.We’re all looking down at our feet, there’s little else to see but when we do glance up and around we catch a few bright beams.. Read more

Top tips for visiting the Taj Mahal

Read our selection of top tips for visting India's biggest highlight. From opening times to what to bring, and even what to avoid, we have it covered!  Read more


My Cambodia or Wat

One of the best things about traveling to a distant, exotic, foreign countries is meeting the people who call those countries home. You can see different temples, shopping centers, restaurants or any kind of attractions in every country, but people are what really makes the difference. Cambodia did...  Read more

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