Taking a solo tour

Travelling solo doesn't have to be a scary experience. You don’t need to travel with a partner, spouse or friend to join a group adventure. In fact over 60% of our passengers are solo travellers. Our exciting group adventures offer single travellers a unique holiday experience and the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded people and forge friendships that will last long after you finish travelling.

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Top Trips For Solo Travellers

Tour name Route From Price
Complete Patagonia Santiago to Buenos Aires Santiago to Buenos Aires
24 Days
24 Days US$3,499 US$3,499 US$2,799
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Classic Myanmar Mandalay to Yangon Mandalay to Yangon
14 Days
14 Days US$2,079 US$2,079 US$1,663
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Jewels of Sri Lanka Negombo to Negombo Negombo to Negombo
15 Days
15 Days US$1,979 US$1,979 US$1,583
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Balkans in Two Weeks Dubrovnik to Dubrovnik Dubrovnik to Dubrovnik
15 Days
15 Days US$2,039 US$2,039 US$1,631
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Safari & Beach Nairobi to Stone Town Nairobi to Stone Town
13 Days
13 Days US$2,539 US$2,539 US$2,031
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Classic Colombia Bogota to Cartagena Bogota to Cartagena
14 Days
14 Days US$2,239 US$2,239 US$1,791
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Nature Trails San José to San José San José to San José
9 Days
9 Days US$1,029 US$1,029 US$823
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Japan Highlights Tokyo to Kyoto Tokyo to Kyoto
7 Days
7 Days US$1,699 US$1,699 US$1,359
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Solo Travel on tours: Frequently asked questions

  1. Why travel solo on tour?

    The people you meet are not just those on tour with you! Travelling as part of a group offers all manner of opportunities to involve yourself in the local culture and catch a glimpse into worlds usually closed to outsiders. Tour leaders will often help arrange for you to get involved with communities such as visiting a pygmy village in Uganda or staying with local families on the Mekong Delta.

  2. Will I still have time to explore by myself?

    Indeed you can. Group travel does not equal no time to yourself. We endeavour to build enough free time in to tours so that you can have your own adventures, as well as share them with the group. Some people will use that free time to explore an area with new friends, others might prefer to go off on their own and see a place by themselves. It is your choice.
  3. How do sleeping arrangements work with fellow travellers?

    Typically we do not charge a compulsory single supplement on 99% of our tours meaning you can share a room with another passenger of the same gender. Our group tours are also packed with a huge variety of accommodation types around the world. From campsites to hostels, we choose where to stay based on ambience, location, character and cleanliness.
  4. Can I upgrade to my own room?

    Should you want your own room, upgrades with our optional single supplements are affordable and excellent value. Our itineraries clearly show when room upgrades are or are not available but if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask our friendly consultants.
  5. Can I find out who else has booked?

    We know how nerve-racking it can be, booking a big adventure, so we are one of the few tour operators who can tell you the age range, nationality and gender of fellow travellers booked on our tours. On average groups can be anywhere from four to 15 clients, but again this depends on the travel style with a maximum usually of between 16 and 34.

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